Sample Essay on Front of the House Service (FOH)


  1. Explain server opening duties.

The server opening duties widely cover personal preparation activities; this involves ensuring that he or she looks gloomy and attended to all the essentials before beginning the day’s assignments. Servers are expected to check in for work at least 10 minutes before their shift in order to familiarize with the station’s assignments. If there are any table reservations for the day and they fall under the section which the server is assigned, the server swiftly sets the table as per the instructions. Due to the popularity of desserts in Shandong culture, the server immediately begins preparation of the dessert as per the daily menu provisions among other opening side works.


  1. Explain who decides preparation time for each order.

The supervisor is endowed with the responsibilities of preparing time for the 20 employees at the FOH.

  1. Explain table top settings.

The table top setting is distinguished by its diversified culinary décor which reflects the British, Japanese and Chine culture. The tables contain Chinese artifacts and chopsticks for user experience.The craft may change on daily or weekly basis to reflect the day’s menu. Then a menu is placed on the table with few containers and silverware (which is mostly made of wood).

  1. Explain the steps of serving procedure.

The first step involves setting the table as per the guest’s request, answering questions on menu selection. The server then communicates with the kitchen staff regarding the customer selection. This involves explaining additional information such as allergies and dietary needs. Food is presented to the guest and ensures that the customer is served to their satisfaction. The server then collects the used dishes after the customers are through with the meal.

  1. Explain computer system for ringing up the checks.
  2. How to split a check.

The restaurant employs the use of the “split check” application that is downloaded and installed on every server’s mobile phone when dealing with cash payments.

  1. How to use multiple credit cards for payment.

The organization does not encourage the use of multiple cards due to the complexity of the process. Customers are encouraged to only use a maximum of one credit card.

  1. How to run a room charge.

Rooms are charged at a point of sale where the customer swipes the card and the money is automatically billed according to the selection or pays on in cash to the cashier.

  1. How to use the modify keys.

The used modifier keys are function and alter keys. They are used in conjunction with the arrow keys for the purposes of making a command. Notably, the mandatory Selection means that you must choose a modifier before pressing DONE

  1. Explain the procedure for a comp or void.

The procedure for computer void uses method overriding where products with similar names, price and that which accompany each other appear on the screen.

  1. Explain how drink orders are handled.

While taking an order, the server takes drink orders first since they will keep the guest refreshed before their menu is prepared. This means that they are served quite quickly and glasses are handled from the bottom.

  1. Review closing side work duties.

Maintaining cleanliness of work and guest areas by clearing, collecting and returning food and beverage items to proper area

  1. Review closing bank procedure.

Complete closing duties, including restocking items, turning off lights


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