Sample Business Plan Paper on Home Based Nutritional Therapy Practice Business

Executive Summary

The nutritional therapy practice home based business will aim to provide services and information through education aimed at inspiring the locals to have healthy lifestyles coupled with physical activities, good eating habits, limiting tobacco usage and being in excellent positions to manage stress. Reason for establishing the small business for nutritional therapy practice locally in the country is because it is not well established and the competition is minimal, this will make the organization to flourish through provision of quality services to the needy in the society. The home based business will employ nutritionists and wellness specialists who will assist in educating, providing personalized training to the inhabitants of the society on the important of eating balanced diet and regularly doing physical exercises.


To establish standards of acceptable professional practices while validating the requirements to deliver excellent therapy services to the vulnerable in the communal setting. To disseminate information widely to the community through the press, media, lectures in schools, websites and social media channels. Another objective is to liaise with government institutions, nutritional therapy professional organizations and other regulators to establish good professional practice. The institution has an objective of establishing homogeneous, complete, methodical, cohesive methodology of improving health status of surrounding community and members.

Mission and Vision

The business enterprise is to deliver excellent nutritional and wellness information to the communal arrangement that have existed while the vision is the establishment of nutritional therapy service benefactor of choice. In order for the organization to achieve the vision set, the programs, education sessions and services will be implemented with the assistance of established nutritional medical facilities available in the community.

Outcomes and deliverables

Key outcomes and deliverables by the organization and its practice is to provide to the community an understanding of the vital nutritional defects assessments, essential nutrient needs for improved health. In addition, at the end the organization would have educated and provided to the community members the current research evidence on the importance of vitamins. It will be important for the establishment to enlighten the community members on the relationships between personal, cultural, ethnic, and spiritual beliefs and how they can shape nutritional practices of each person in the society.

Secondly, provide capacities and skills that will assist members to be able to educate and inform other members of the community. This will be through enhancing their abilities of searching and retrieving reputable information materials on nutrition therapy, strengthening their communication skills, designing personal self-care programs during nutrition assessment procedures, diagnosing nutrition disorders, prescribing therapeutic diets, and providing preliminary counseling to other members of the society.

In addition, the organization will assist the community by providing information that will aid in providing understanding of the physical growth and development of the human body from conception to death.

To ensure success of such an organization and the services it provides, there is need for integration with organizational structure of the medicinal amenities; supporting leaders while sufficiently allocate staff time and resources. Likewise, other success determinants include improved access to services, well established accountability, and excellent education and evaluation.

Through the provision of nutrition and therapy services to the local communities, it is believed that the community will have healthier workforce with improved morale, increased efficiency in community activities, reduced absenteeism at workplaces, and lower health care costs. It is asserted that by empowering people with the requisite and valuable knowledge they would be in better placed to stimulate and inform other members of different communities to live healthier lifestyles.

The business

The services to be provided by the organization will revolve around providing community members with opportunities and resources that can assist in nurturing body, mind, and spirit, and enlightening them to be aware of how they can live healthy and productive lifestyles aimed at reducing the occurrences of diseases and illness. Specifically, it is asserted that the services of nutrition practice include core components of physical activity, healthy eating, stress management and tobacco use termination (Skipper 60).

The clients will receive education and information on the above topics in the form of lectures, projected presentations, mass media outlets, and personalized web pages of the company, brochures, and books and through sharing through social media sites. For example, nicotine replacement therapy will be provided to clients who desire to stop smoking tobacco, while physical activities and management of stress levels will be achieved through meditation and yoga classes.

It is asserted that healthy and motivated community members are fundamentally important in enhancing significant productivity for community growth and development while aiding in improving the quality of life (Skipper 35). It has been established that nutritional therapy would blend with wellness programs to help the society in managing cost of health care, benefits and even insurance. Studies have discovered that people with consistent occurring illnesses will have their expenditures raised by about 25%, when compared with the meager income received by the average community members it inflicts economic burden to the individuals as they have to spend more on medical expenses. Many of the risks faced by people in community setting can be improved and modified through getting information on how to live healthy and constructive lifestyles.

The business organization will therefore provide nutritional therapy information to the community through education, lectures, posting on the company website and social media. This will entail conducing health and wellness assessments to the clients and the community at large, it will also be taking note of the diverse social lives of the people and their abilities to retrieve and comprehend vital health data.

Markets and competitors

It is affirmed that most medical facilities have myriad cases of injury rates than any sector in the country (Skipper 53). The existing promotion activities are aimed at addressing illnesses and injuries with increased prevalent cases recorded on the private sector service providers with elaborate benefits. The organization will strive to reach members of the society who in turn may be in positions to help others through advocacy. Studies have shown that when such issues are addressed in the community there is possibility of improved productivity, reduced sick leave and absenteeism from places of work, increased employee satisfaction and retention. Research has also pronounced that organizations and communities that have health promotion programs to the people tend to outperform other organizations and communities in terms of such measures as satisfaction and quality of life.

Sales and marketing

Marketing of the products and services offered by the organization will consist of educating members of the community to the purpose of nutrition therapy practices through educating leadership in communities, posting bulletins, publishing updates on websites and social media accounts.  Second, marketing will be implemented through providing educational materials distributed throughout the community catchment and outpatient clinics and medical facilities around. Third, developing a nutrition therapy practice web site with a link from the house network where additional information about the program can be found, retrieved and synthesized by the users. Members will be expected to subscribe for membership in which they will be expected to pay to offset costs.


Its is opined that effective leadership has the ability of playing fundamental role in promoting the culture of businesses whether small or big by promoting and initiating good behaviors and actions and through the programs and initiatives they support (Skipper 35). For instance, for business activities to be successful, it is important that the managers ensure adequate time for staff and client interaction while providing the necessary resources for the achievement of the same. Success also requires great commitment from the nutrition therapy professionals since activities touching on health wellbeing can consume a lot of time and so there is need individuals to have the ample time to achieve the milestones.

The home based business structure will constitute me as the manager and a small group of volunteers comprising of nurses, nutritionists and therapy professionals. They will be responsible for performing and overseeing implementation of the home based business activities, developing policies on how to deal with clients and guarantee harmonization of activities cutting across communal framework. The small group will be headed by a team leader while members will be derived from the myriad areas of healthcare specializations.


Implementation of the plan will have a timeline of four weeks and has been established as follows;

  • 15 June 2016 – Identification of the team leader of service provision;
  • 20 June 2016 – Training of the identified team leader and volunteers;
  • 25 June 2016 – Constituting group memberships;
  • 20 June 2016 – Compiling data on baseline and community demographics;
  • 5 July 2016 – Assessing needs and completing necessary data on membership;
  • 10 July 2016 – Completing the marketing plan kicking off the business activities;

The development plan will require the services of a team leader and a manager to provide leadership and follow through the activities scheme, execution, message transfer and gathering of data for the organization. As pointed out earlier, the goal of the nutrition therapy practice is to initiate and coin creativities that will ensure and guarantee healthy behaviors of the local community members. Success will be measured in the long run through the use of data that will in return be used to create a database of information concerning specific communities; this will aid in measuring success as well as determine priorities. It is asserted that health risk assessment is a survey of community’s health risks and usually includes a substantive health data of the clients from the community while assessing on how nutrition therapy can be advanced to the people.

Financial forecasts

Since this is a small home based business, the cost of providing nutritional therapy services to the community and clients will be dependent on the capital and personnel that will be used. The fixed cost will be ascertained on the rented space for the business establishment but since this is a small business that is run at home threw will be no cost for renting space. The variable cost forecast is the amount paid each personnel working on the client, however, this is a small business with majority being volunteer’s subsistence for food and transport will be offered of about 5 dollars per day. Members will be required to register and pay for the services offered by the professionals, payment is valued at 8 dollars per day of service to offset the costs and generate small profits. The number of volunteers will depend on the number of clients who will register for the services.

Financial requirements

For the business plan and initiation of nutrition therapy practice services, it is believed that funding is needed to aid training and education, design and implementation of education resources and travel costs in meeting clients and all stakeholders in exertions to impart information to the people on the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle at all times. This is a small home based business and so the total cost to roll out the program and kick off service provision is estimated to be around 495 dollars as supported by the budget below:

Resources Descriptions/ Details Budget in Dollars
Human Resources The manager, team leader and group of volunteers 200
Physical Resources Transport 150
Office supplies 75
Technical resources Mobile phone charges 20
Internet charges 50

Assessment of the risks

It is asserted that problems in form of risks may manifest itself that may interfere with provision of services to the clients. Misunderstanding and communication breakdown between team members is one of the risks that may likely affect service provision.

The strength of the business organization is that there are few competitors in the line of operation and the business will establish strong and binding relationship with the community. It is also clear that the capital to start and initiate activities is small and manageable due to the fact that it is a small business. The weakness is that such a venture of starting and implementing a nutritional practice enterprise requires huge amount of capital to launch the business activities to the clients. Numerous opportunities exist for the growth of the organization as the forms of marketing employed will reach many vulnerable members of the community.  Threats include the elaborate procedures to acquire license from the government due to the assertion that the practice is an independent field that only require only the certificated individuals to open such established. The SWOT analyzing has established that government regulations and requirements posse’s certain degree of risk that may stifle the business.



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