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Sample Research Paper on Hoosier Eye Doctor’s Current Position and Concerns

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Sample Research Paper on Hoosier Eye Doctor’s Current Position and Concerns

Hoosier Eye Doctor is an optometry provider in the United States of America. Currently, they are located in Indiana, both in Ellettsville and Bloomington. The hospital is known for exceptional medical services and having friendly optical technicians and optometrists Indiana especially in these two convenient locations. They offer a wide range of medical services. They also engage in the sale of eye lenses.Other activities offered by Hoosier Eye Doctor include behavioral testing and developmental testing. The hospital has great opportunities for growth and expansion in the industry given its level of specialization and use of highly skilled employees. Many have embraced Hoosier Eye Doctor for offering speedy and quality health care services. Such appraisals come from within and without Indian state (Abel 120).

Although they specialized in optometry, Hoosier Doctors are highly skilled in dealing with every type of health concern. However, the primary services offered by Hoosier Doctors includes eye examinations, health inspections, evaluations of ocular motor tracking, contact lens examinations, behavioral testing as well as developmental testing. They also provide daycare as well as school screening services. Hoosier Doctors can help in every kind of heath concern be it routine visits. The advantage of Hoosier Doctors is that they have physicians who specialize in every area of health including eye care, vision care, as well as dental care. Ideally, they offer the best form of specialized medical services in Bloomington, Indiana (Madison 22).

The strengths of Hoosier Doctors lie with their excellent staffs. The organization has the best doctors available for all types of health care services. Other subordinate staffs employed by the hospital are also great in delivering their services. They ensure exceptional customer service. Most importantly, all medical staffs at Hoosier Doctors are prompt at attending to customers. Most people in Indiana love this hospital for this same reason. They have successful reduced the delays in hospital. In fact, it is the doctors who await patient, not the converse.Quick and speedy services at Hoosier Doctors have helped save the life of many people in critical conditions. In addition, it has helped growth the popularity and customer approval of the hospital (Kondrot and Abram 54).

They have well trained and qualified physicians in their areas of service. They also have significant work experience. Furthermore, the staffs are very friendly, which makes them offer exceptional customer care service. Their physicians are highly skilled in dealing with every type of health concerns. The physicians are not only well trained but also smart. They all dedicated to do their best in healthcare delivery and staying up to date with latest research and technology in the healthcare industry (Demand Force n.d). They seem to have in memory all the knowledge and information they need their fingertips. They do all kinds of in-depth research and statistical analysis when that goes beyond the scope of their work at the hospital. They do this for the benefit of improving health care service delivery and saving the life of many sick people (Segrave 118).

Another advantage and distinction of Hoosier Doctors is that they use teamwork approach in health care service delivery. The organization is a great supporter of teamwork approach in hospital industry. They understands that patient care outcomes is significantly improved when the organization adopt a teamwork approach. Teamwork approach has helped them effectively coordinate all types of patient care delivery. Furthermore, the teamwork approach has helped increase the level of excellent care delivery at the hospital. The teamwork approach has extended the benefits of coordinated admissions, evaluations, testing as well as treatment. According to Hoosier Doctors, patient care comes first, and teamwork approach has greatly helped achieve that. They all work together to put the interest of all patients first (Stern 99).

In this hospital, all physicians are well-trained using real life patient care scenarios. This has greatly helped enhance their experience especially in handling different medical care situations. All the staffs have sound experiences of call night. They also have significant experiences in handling real time emergencies. These are just some of the additional strengths of the Hoosier Doctors. They use these experiences and many more to offer exceptional health care service delivery ( n.d).

Secondly, Hoosier Doctors provide excellent services. They lead the industry by offering exceptional service delivery. Another great strength of Hoosier Doctors is their convenient locations in Bloomington. They are easy to access. Hoosier Doctors also offers the best warranty for all their products. They give their clients comprehensive one-year warranty for all their frames and lenses. The warranty also includes other products such as eyeglasses, contact lenses, accessories, and sportswear (Cannon and Juan 55).

Furthermore, the physicians at Hoosier Doctors rely on very strict patient care compliance. This is very important given that now most patients are affected more a wide range of very complex diseases. These conditions require therapies that are more advancedfor proper treatment. At Hoosier Doctors, physicians ensure that patients have proper understanding of their conditions and therapy processes. This approach in health care delivery has helped improve the quality of service offered by Hoosier Doctors (Rubin and Lawrence 76).

Despite all these, Hoosier Doctors also have some weaknesses that limit its effectiveness in service delivery. The first greatest weakness of Hoosier Doctors is their limited number of physicians. Even though they employ highly qualified staff, the Hoosier Doctors is currently understaffed. Current, the hospital has only thirteen qualified doctors service in different capacities. This is a great weakness given the increasing number of clients at this hospital. Their popularity is rapidly increasing in Bloomington. Many people in this area visit Hoosier Doctors daily to receive various types of health care attentions. The solution to this problem is Hoosier Doctors hiring more physicians. At the current capacity, it is recommended if they increase their staff by about 5%. Increasing the number of their staffs will empower Hoosier Doctors to improve their services and reach greater heights ( nd).

Another weakness of Hoosier Doctors is limited facilities. Currently, Hoosier Doctors is only available in Indiana in two locations namely Ellettsville and Bloomington. This means their service is limited within Indiana area only, especially in Ellettsville and Bloomington. Besides, this means they cannot offer their services in other areas across the United States of America. To solve this problem, Hoosier Doctors should start taking market expansion activities such as opening new branches in other states outside Indiana. Ideally, they should have a goal of having a presence in at least every state in the USA. Another weakness is that Hoosier Doctors do not have enough medical equipment. They depend on other well-established hospitals for the missing equipment. This problem can be solved if Hoosier Doctors considers purchasing all medical equipment that it needs ( nd; nd; nd; Hoosier Family Eye Care nd).



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Sample Research Paper on Hoosier Eye Doctor’s Current Position and Concerns

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Sample Research Paper on Hoosier Eye Doctor’s Current Position and Concerns

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Sample Research Paper on Hoosier Eye Doctor’s Current Position and Concerns

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Sample Research Paper on Hoosier Eye Doctor’s Current Position and Concerns

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