Sample Paper on Quality, Safety, and Costs

Nurse care practice is characterized by elements of quality, safety, and costs.  These factors determine the manner in which nursing service is offered by nurse caregivers and the level of satisfaction to the people for whom nurse care services are offered.

To the director, the relationship between quality, safety, and costs can be explained in terms of key priority factors that must be considered in planning activities for nursing services. That is, in order to realize positive results in service delivery, all nursing planning should include quality, safety, and cost factors (Stokoski “para 1-3”).  It would be noted that quality care is one of the main rational necessary in the provision of evidence-based nursing care. Therefore, improving quality in nursing institutions would mean that critical evaluation of service results and costs be carried out before making suggestions on the mode of improvements (Stokoski “para 3-4”). Consequently, this would translate to effective nursing service delivery that is characterized by a high degree of safety to patients and to nurse caregivers.

To staff members, quality safety and costs are strongly interrelated in the sense that the outcome of nursing service is affected by quality and safety measures applied by staff members during service delivery (The Joint Commission 3). Therefore, better service would lead to a higher level of satisfaction that would be obtained by patients. Also, patient turnout would determine whether or not a nursing institution is working towards achieving its quality and safety objectives or not.

The main outcome variable recommended for quality, safety, and cost effects in a given nursing institution is patient outcome data (The Joint Commission 4-6). That is, the higher the rate of patient outcome, the better the service being offered, as determined by three interrelated factors.

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