Sample Paper on Nursing Philosophy Scholarly Paper

The roles of a woman, sister, friend, volunteer, and a nursing student define my primary roles in the society. Similar to the interlinking roles I play today is the basic pillars of nursing, commonly referred to as the meta-paradigm of the nursing profession. The cardinal meta-paradigm concepts encompass the nurse, the patient, environment, health and illness and wellness. My guiding principle even as I commit to offering my services is based on the significance of nursing to me, which is, in essence, a source of joy and happiness.

As a nursing student, I prioritize the ideas and offer the best possible care based on the specific requirements of the patients. My focus is to offer a holistic, culturally sensitive, and unprejudiced care for the needy irrespective of the varying religious beliefs, lifestyle, and financial status. As a prospective nurse, I ought to offer the highest quality care to accomplish patient’s satisfaction. I strive to be compassionate and understanding to the spiritual, physical, and psychological aspects of humanity. I am certain that these characters will enable me to remain committed to the life-long learning and expand on the applicable experience, which are components of the objectives of the nursing profession.

I acknowledge that nursing profession is about people, and care encompasses the entire patient and not just a singled out illness. A holistic perspective enables me to regard the entire facets of the patient’s life when giving care, which in turn enables me to facilitate maximum quality of life to the patients I manage. Even as human beings are fundamental to nursing, I have to consider other aspects beyond the patient to the surrounding environment the patients reside in. This approach is high essential as people make up the community with varying characters that purposefully influence the patient. Separating human beings from the community is, therefore, an uphill task. Health is a forceful condition that prevails on a continuum from health to sickness and varies in reaction to the environmental factors. Nursing encompasses being engaged at an instant with the particular communities. Nurses become actively involved in the daily situations, which vary and often demand the professional expertise to more meaning out of the situations.

To become wholly involved, nurses apply a holistic, patient-focused care, and problem-solving strategy to make meaningful relationships with the patients. Since everyone has varying needs, nursing profession demand that different course of actions is applied in every instance. It is necessary to plan for care in relation to the personal needs brought forth. The nursing process is, therefore, useful in enabling student nurses to organize better suitable plans that can accommodate the necessities of the patients.

The nursing profession is besides, useful to me as it offers opportunities for me to practice compassion and care, which forms part of my belief system. Not only the physical health of a patient is care for, nurses have to take into consideration the emotional needs as well. To apply effectively this system, nurses have to exercise insightful empathy and compassion. Nursing moreover offers insurmountable learning opportunities in theory as well as in practical situations. More research is desired in the health sector as patients present newer complications. I believe in myself and in my abilities to become the best professional nurse. To achieve this goal, I have to exercise more on emotional maturity and self-discipline as prerequisites to become an effective nurse. I believe in continual learning, as aspect that will enable me perfect on my weaknesses and strengthen my strength to become efficaciously a registered nurse.