Sample Paper on Naperville, Illinois-Community Assessment

As a community health nurse, a healthy community is always the direction nurses want to aim for.  In any given community, there are many areas to assess.  For the purpose of this assignment you will conduct a windshield survey and secondary analysis of your chosen community’s information.  There are three main areas you will focus on during the short assessment: people (population), location, systems.


Community Assessment Grading Rubric

10, 9

All the information is present in charts and accurate, sources are provided and scholarly. 


¾ of the information is in charts and accurate, sources are provided and scholarly. 


1/2 of the information is in charts and accurate, sources are provided and scholarly. 


1/4 of the information is in charts and accurate, sources are provided and scholarly. 


Some work or nothing was presented in charts.


Resources were not scholarly.

10, 9

Windshield survey is completed and exemplifies the information asked for. 


¾ of windshield survey is completed and exemplifies the information asked for. 


½ of windshield survey is completed and exemplifies the information asked for. 


¼ Windshield survey is completed and exemplifies the information asked for.


Some work or nothing was presented in each area.


A strength and weakness priority was appropriately identified based on the assessment presented.


A strength and weakness was identified based on the assessment presented.  Both were appropriate based on the assessment presented.


A strength and weakness was identified based on the assessment presented.  At least one was appropriate.


A strength and weakness was identified.  Neither was appropriate based on the assessment presented.


No attempt was made to identify a strength or weakness.


Long term and short term goals were relevant and realistic.  Excellent construction.


Long term and short term goals were relevant and realistic.  Good construction.


Long term and short term goals were somewhat relevant and realistic.  Good construction.


Long term and short term goals were not relevant or realistic.  Construction of the goals was missing

key factors.


No attempt was made to create relevant or realistic goals.


Resources for Project:  
  • Use this website for guidance :
  • Access the information to complete the form on websites such as the Census Bureau, Local City or State websites, and make sure to document where you found your information at the end. APA is not required.
  • Adding rows in the Word document is expected
  • If you absolutely cannot find the information then please place a N/A under the box




  Community- Naperville State- Illinois
2010 Census 146,128 12,830,632
2000 Census 128,358 12,419,293


Age Ranges in Numbers (2015) Community Naperville State ILLINOIS
Example: 0-5 26% or 17,886 30% or 2,001,890
5-9 9.6% or 12,373 23%
10-18 9% or 11,512 11%
18 years and over 68.2% or 87,506
65-above 3.1% or 3,998 12.5%
Female population 48.2% 50%
Median age (years) 34.2 38


Break down of Race Community Naperville State ILLINOIS
White 76.5% 77.3%
Black 4.7% 14.7%
American Indian and Alaska Native 0.08% 0.6%


14.9% 5.5%

Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander

0.01% 0.1%
Hispanic or Latino 5.3% 16.9%


Gender Community Naperville State ILLINOIS
Male 48.7% or 71,166 50%
Female 51.3% or 74,962 50%


Top 3 Areas of Employment Community Naperville State ILLINOIS
Professional, scientific, and technical services (18%) Civilian labour
Manufacturing (13%)


Accommodation and food industry
Retail trade (12%) Shipment manufacturing


Education Community State
High school grad or higher 25-years or older 97.8% 87.6%
Bachelor’s degree or higher 25-years or older 63.3% 31.9%
Graduate or professional degree 27.4% 30.6%
Unemployed 2.8% 5.1%


Family Income (2010-2014) Community State
Median household income $109,512 $57,166
Per capita $43717 $30,019
Percent of poverty individuals 10% 13.6%
Total below poverty(2013) 5.8% 18.9%


Summarize your windshield survey that reflects people. 
  • What did you observe about the people when you conducted your survey in your selected local community?

There is a significant balance between male and female and there is high literacy level in the community. The younger population, including children, is quite high in the community where the White race is quite dominant.

Systems in community Naperville



Explain what is offered, services and hours, location.



Amtrak has a pickup/drop-off at the Naperville Train Station, 105 E. 4th Ave. The Amtrak ticket office is open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m


Metra provides commuter rail service to Naperville via the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) rail line. Service from Naperville runs east to Chicago and west to Aurora.

Pace Bus

Pace is the premier suburban transit provider, quickly moving people to work and school safely and efficiently.

Naper Aero club airport (ll10), Edward hospital (LL11), Amtrak station,

The two offer air transport
Mean travel time to work around Naperville is 29.4 minutes
Ride DuPage


Offers transport to the elderly and persons with disability



Education (Example: 5 elementary schools, 2 Christian schools, 1 charter, and so forth).

(public elementary/middle school)

SCULLEN MIDDLE SCHOOL (Students: 1,447, Location: 2815 MISTFLOWER LN, Grades: 6-8
BEEBE ELEM SCHOOL (Students: 758, Location: 110 E 11TH AVE, Grades: KG-5)


THAYER J HILL MIDDLE SCHOOL (Students: 924, Location: 1836 BROOKDALE RD, Grades: 6-8

(private elementary/middle schools)

  CHESTERBROOK ACADEMY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (Students: 82, Location: 1571 OSWEGO RD, Grades: KG-5)

  TURNING POINTE AUTISM FOUNDATION (Students: 6, Location: 3749 TRAMORE CT, Grades: 8)


(public high schools)

  NEUQUA VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL (Students: 4,474, Location: 2360 95TH ST, Grades: 9-12)

  NAPERVILLE NORTH HIGH SCHOOL (Students: 3,086, Location: 899 N MILL ST, Grades: 9-12)

  Benedictine University (about 4 miles; Lisle, ILFull-time enrolment: 5,694)

  College of DuPage (about 8 miles; Glen Ellyn, ILFT enrolment: 18,910



Recreation Facilities:

Parks, playgrounds, recreation centers, athletic fields



Explain what is offered, how many, variety of services. 


Centennial Beach

A public aquatic park located at 500 W. Jackson Avenue in Naperville, Illinois where people play at or enjoy a free outdoor concert
picturesque Riverwalk


artisans share information about their craft in this park and viewers have an opportunity of taking home an item that will please them


Health and Social Services Explain what is offered, how many, variety of services. 

DuPage Youth Services Coalition – Northeast DuPage Family and Youth Services



Comprehensive Community-Based Youth Services. It houses youths who are in need of counselling services, health conditions, and support groups.
Naperville Womans Club


The institution offers women an opportunity to learn about culture, health, and their role in the community. According to the facility, women are integral in the society and empowering them plays a huge role in empowering the community at large.

Barbara Kenedy and Associates

It offers therapeutic services to clients who have been either recommended by a clinicians or those undergoing emotional imbalance




Disaster and Emergency Services


Explain what is offered, how many, variety of services. 


Naperville Emergency Management Agency (NEMA)


NEMA prepares for, protects against, responds to and recovers from natural and manmade incidents and events up to and including major disasters

CommunityEmergency Response Team (CERT)


CERT offers basic disaster response training skills in such areas as fire safety, light search and rescue, first aid, disaster medical operations and team organization, among many others

Edward-Elmhurst Health emergency

It offers medical emergency response


Services Provided by the Community Not included in the systems above  

In one short sentence, summarize what is offered.


Public Works

Public works deals with the developmental programs such as construction and maintenance of public roads

Animal Control

This department is entitled with the responsibilities of responding to distresses made by animals in the city


Water department connects residents with drinking and domestic water and maintenance


The department provides a sewergery connection and maintenance services

Garbage pick up

Garbage from households is collected by this department for either disposal or recycling



Paste Resources Here:



Vital Statistics

2011 or 2012 if available


Community Naperville



Live Births N/A 164,998
Deaths 101,291



Communicable Diseases

Top 5


County Naperville



N/A Salmonella
Lyme disease


Below may be difficult to find.  Search your County Coroner’s office, county Clerk or Recorder, as well as your County Health Department.  If you there is not record of this then place N/A

Non-Communicable Diseases

Top 5


County Naperville



diabetes Chlamydia
stroke Heart diseases
Chronic lung disease cancer


Leading Cause of Death

Top 5


County Naperville



Heart diseases Diseases of heart
Accidents Malignant neoplasms
Suffocation among children Cerebrovascular diseases
Chronic lower respiratory
Autoimmune diseases


Paste resource web links here:

U.S. Census Bureau.ACS Demographic and Housing Estimates. 2013 American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates. Table DP05.


Summarize your windshield survey that reflects People/Location/Function:
  • What did you observe about the location of the systems you identified? Are there duplicate services close to each other? 


  • Are resources accessible by transportation services?

The community is thoroughly accessible through public transport which includes road and rail network. There are many public transportation options available to assist people in getting around our City. Additionally, options are available to commute between Naperville and Chicago as well as other suburbs.

  • Is there a service in your community that is provided but not accessible by a certain part of the community?

All the services are well accessible; however, some businesses have not included pathways and sidewalks for persons with disabilities.

  • What do you see as the major challenges or barriers with the services you have located?

With the highly notable cases of accidents fatalities, emergency services are few and privatized. This may hinder healthcare accessibility especially to the low-income people. Similarly, there is a booming business in sale of junk foods as compared to grocery shops.


  • Is there a correlation between your community’s overall health and the challenges you stated above?

There is a high prevalence of lifestyle diseases and unhealthy eating behaviours which are leading causes to non-communicable illnesses. The increased junk food business indicates that people from the community have unhealthy eating behaviours which may result to eating disorders.

  • Is there a service not provided in your community?


  • Is there a population growth or decline based on # live births in your community?

There is a steady population growth in the community as it has almost doubled between the two conducted census and the high birth rate.

Summarize of your windshield survey that reflects Location (pp. 464-466).

  • Given the information above is there a correlation between industry and the medical problems in your community?

Significantly, people in the community work in manufacturing industries which is considered to produce harmful emissions and pollution. Such emissions may indirectly contribute to the spread of non-communicable disease. Similarly, salmonella is widely spread in the state and it may be caused by contaminated water or foods such as meat and eggs. There are various cases surrounding the sources of water in the community.


  • What is the Flora and Fauna like?

The community is highly urbanized but it has putted flora and fauna into consideration in their mapping. The Riverwalk Park is an example of a park which has a natural forest complementing its look. Other places include Morton Arboretum which houses natural species and Vermont Cemetery Priairie in southern Naperville for natural plants. Local trees include shag bark hickory, bitternut hickory, a whopping five different kinds of oak trees, wild black cherry trees, basswood, white ash and green ash (although these have been depleted by emerald ash borers), and black walnut. Elm trees also do well in this climate-or they did until a rash of Dutch Elm disease a few years back. But they are beginning to be planted again.

Animals are present at the Willowbrook Wildlife Center. Animals in the “prey” category include chipmunks, squirrels and rabbits, while their predators include fox and coyote, as well as red-tailed hawks during the day and great horned owls at night.

  • Geographically are there boundaries that you could identify?

The community has lakes such as Lund, Spring, Waubonsie, and Willow lakes that are used in boundaries. Moser Tower and Millennium Carillon is one of the notable landmarks in the community. Other landmarks include Dupage County Big Woods Forest Preserve, Dupage County Springbrook Prairie Forest PreserveandIllinois Department of Corrections Youth Center (south three-quarters)





Identify one strength of your community: 

__the community has a high per capita income which means they have the ability to take care of their health objectives________________________________

Short term goal (within a few months):

___planning health finances so that the community can learn on how to prioritize health issues

Long term goal (3-5 years):

_____helping communities join health insurance covers________________________________________

Identify one weakness of your community: 

_unhealthy eating behaviours________

Short term goal (within a few months):

_encouraging healthy eating behaviours__

Long term goal (3-5 years):

______encouraging nutrition and body exercise within communities_______________________________________




What is something new that you learned about your chosen community? 

According to the Money Magazine 2006, Naperville is the second best place to live in the United States. One of the significant elements garnered in this study is the high income of the residents living in this community. This has made federal services available in the community and health awareness is quite high in Naperville. Similarly, there are various community health center for youths. This may be interpreted that the youths are indulging in unhealthy behaviours and need specified attention.

How can you use this information as a community health nurse and/or a hospital nurse that lives in your community?


This information can be used in proposing for a public emergency and casualty hospital that will specifically deal with fatalities caused through accidents and other related causes.

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