Sample Paper on Clinical Log

I came across a 75year-old woman at church, and we reside in the same condo house. Therefore, I paid her a visit once a week to better understand each other and share time together. I requested her if she would be my senior companion and she responded positively. We became close, and our friendship developed drastically.

I anticipated providing her with any assistance she required and growing our companionship. Having lost her two daughters relatively a decade ago was detrimental; thus, spending time together would help rejuvenate her life.  Moreover, I expected to be acquainted with her and learn more from her life stories.

We became friends and undertook many activities together. For example, we would cook jointly and occasionally reached up to me to assist in fixing the computer. Besides, we used the Jacuzzi downstairs and swam together. As a result, we established a strong bond per my expectations.

As a nursing student, I took the responsibility of teaching her concerning a healthy lifestyle and medications. in addition, I was mandated to provide her with medical care and therapy whenever she needed it. I acknowledge that nurses have an obligation of providing healthcare holistically. Similarly, she assured me of her support both emotionally and spiritually. We reached an agreement to meet our expectations mutually after defining each other’s role.

I employed the following communication skills: active listening, sharing observations, open mindedness, humour, courage, compassion and clarity in delivering information. Such skills enabled us to share life stories and personal experiences thus strengthening the relationship.

The senior friend and her husband are fond of playing golf or using their time in the church worshipping. After a proper evaluation of her interests, I determined that participating in such events empowered her to be physically fit and accelerated her spiritualism. Despite losing her daughters, taking part in extracurricular activities has assisted improve her life. The information is significant in developing a plan on better ways of spending free time with her. Additionally, it helps in the identification of other hobbies she might prefer.

Activity theory proves to be the most appropriate since she is friendly and consistently involved in different activities. The friendly attribute she possesses empowers her to lead a healthy life in spite of life challenges. She has a caring and loving husband, and they undertake activities collectively. Nevertheless, our strong friendship is a clear depiction of her aging style.

The old woman hails from Chicago although Korea is her place of origin. Recently, she relocated with her husband to Hawaii, and they intend to return in October during the cold climate. They mostly utilize their time playing golf or worshipping in the church. She speaks Korean, which is a major hindrance to her social interaction since Chicago comprises of people with different ethnic backgrounds. As a result, she experiences a problem of language barrier. A decade ago, her two daughters passed way due to morbidly. Therefore, following such a deplorable loss, she had to bring up her grandson and granddaughter.

The information is important because it encompasses the background of the old woman. It creates a foundation to put up a future strategy aimed at strengthening the companionship. Also, it enables me to understand her interests and formulate a good plot on spending more time with her carrying out activities she loves.  It provides a clear illustration of the challenges she experienced and managed to get over. Besides, it gives me a chance to provide her with necessary support as well as therapy.