Sample Paper on American Holistic Nurses Association

Organizational Function

American Holistic Nurses Association is purely a non-profit making association for the nurses. The association serves an average of 4,600 members spread across U.S. A. The organization promotes holistic nursing and education for all nurses, other professionals in the healthcare, and the public in regard to holistic care and healing.Dossey & Keegan (2013) contends that the nurses association promotes research in holistic nursing. Notably, the association provides support to the community through informative publications, continued education, and focusedself-care and wellness to the members.


The mission of the association is ingrained in advancing holistic nursing that is based on community building.This is enhancedby members engaging in research in the healthcare field.


The association’s vision is to promote nursing that nurtures wholeness.


Morton & Fontaine (2012) asserts that joining the nurses association enables members to acquire significant benefits. The association provides an opportunity of joining a community of like-minded people in the forum of interactive online discussions. In the forum, members share expertise and experiences in holistic nursing field. In addition, the association provides members vast ways of realizing daily inspiration. This is obtained through the association’s publications, chapters, and conferences. The association further provides a platform of engaging long-term education and research among the association members.

New members can access the association through its website . Joining as a new member, one is required to download then fill the membership form. Alternatively, a prospective member can send an email to to have to form mailed to him/her. Dossey & Keegan (2013)portend that members from otherassociations regard American Holistic Nurses Association as a giant association in providingholistic nursing.


In the upcoming meeting, the association seeks to discuss the challenges facing the provision of the holistic nursing across the U.S and suggest strategies of addressing them to ensure that the association the remains the giant provider of holistic nursing, education, and research in the healthcare industry across the globe.





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