Sample Essay Paper on Theoretical Perspectives

Complexity that surrounds nursing practice and process warrants application of theoretical frameworks to guide nurses. Theory of culture care diversity and universality by Madeleine Leininger best guide nursing activities through ensuring background and cultural assessment of families in community. It is important to note that cultural background of families plays critical role in ensuring care provision to patients and thus necessitates bonding between nursing professionals and patients.

This theoretical framework focuses on caring to patients, this can only be possible if cultural orientation of the patient and family is properly assessed. Cultural behaviors and beliefs of a family affect patient treatment, and therefore, the theory provides the necessary knowledge to understand social, physiological and cultural dimensions of families. This information is important in enabling nursing process of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases affecting members of a family. The major component of the theory is an individual who forms a family, a group or a member of a social organization. This promotes an assessment of the family to understand inherited traits that can be manifested through diseases and ailments.

The theory is more appealing than other theories because it guides actions of nurses and ensures the provision of best treatment to patients. Moreover, the theory adequately involves family members who share same cultural values and thus improving patient expression. Consequently, it has been established that nursing operations requires adequate assessment and identification of cultural needs of a family so as to develop the requisite expertise in handling such needs (McKenna and Murphy, 2014). This makes the theory fundamental in aiding decision making process of nurses as they try to offer excellent services to their patients as they form part of families.



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