Sample Essay on Why I Want To Be a Nurse

Choosing a career is one of the challenging things that students face since they are not always sure of what they want to do in the future. For me, being a nurse has been in my mind since my childhood days. My desires were confirmed when I managed successfully to achieve the grade that was required to join nursing college. I always have the compassion to save lives and to excel in everything that I do. No one can succeed in this career without having a genuine concern of others. I am working on building my career in healthcare to satisfy my childhood desires.

Since my childhood days, I have always desired to become a nurse. I always had the compassion of helping the needy and assuring them of their survival. I used to give first aid to pupils who fell sick while studying and this habit continued even in college. I perceived this habit as a call towards the nursing profession. I always have the compassion of solving other people’s problems. I endeavor to put myself into the situation of a sick person, as I try to look for a solution to his/her suffering. Most patients are too scared of their conditions when they visit a health care facility, but they leave the facility with an assurance of getting well soon. Dealing with patients is sometimes exciting especially when a patient who seemed to be too sick regains his/her health. However, human beings are sometimes overwhelmed by emotions. I always work on controlling my emotions when I am dealing with people.

It is a bit challenging to deal with patients who do not even know what they are suffering from. Thus, a passion of excellence is vital in this profession. It has always been my desire to do the best in everything I do since this profession is built on excellence. Besides excelling in class work, I am good in socializing and interacting with people of all races. I usually utilize all the resources available to attain the knowledge, in addition to seeking directions from my instructors. I am detailed-oriented and organized in my work. These qualities are fundamental in the nursing profession because nurses do not estimate anything while dealing with patients. An effective nurse has to be exact in offering diagnosis, in addition to being excellent in communication. Excellent communication is necessary in assuring patients that they will get well.

Nurses are supposed to genuine concern to their clients. Genuine concern involves showing other people that you care about them even in difficult situations. Having a genuine concern of others fills me with the urge to learn what it takes to see patients leaving the hospital environment being cheerful and happy. Genuine concern allows me to put myself in other people’s circumstances when assistance is required. Nurses take care of patients the same way that our parents take care of us. I take time to listen to other people’s problems and offer my opinions in good heart. I always avoid being negative in offering solutions about life’s challenges, thus, keeping an open mind. Having a genuine concern makes patients to develop trust with nurses. For me being a nurse goes beyond having a career. I usually take it as an adventure, where I would continue learning new processes that could change the lives of others.