Sample Essay on the Science of Psychology

Current health care practices are grounded on diverse scientific principles. Nursing is a branch of healthcare that deals with professional assistance given to patients, families and communities. This requires deep comprehension and application of psychological science. Science involves an orderly study of structures and behaviour of various elements in the universe through experiments and observing. The science of psychology can, therefore, be defined as the scientific study of cognitive processes, emotional processes and attitudes that guide an individual’s or a group’s behaviour. It is significant in nursing because it offers explanations to why individuals behave in certain ways. The science of psychology highlights the nature and nurture factors that affect the general attitudes of life that each individual has. These factors include genes, social background, personality, parental care, tastes and preferences. The science of psychology dates back to the ancient times of influential thinkers such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Wundt. Plato and Aristotle contributed majorly in the development of mental health through the concepts of mind and physical body. They argued that bodily reactions and stimulants from the environment influence the functioning of the mind. Later on in the eighteenth century, Wundt built the first psychology laboratory and the behaviourists adopted this methodology through conducting controlled experiments to gather information to support psychological concepts. The science of psychology has since grown in its application and it is very crucial in professional nursing the modern day.  In conclusion, nursing involves working with people of different ages, backgrounds, gender and status. Thus, having basic awareness of general attitudes and behaviours likely to be encountered while caring patients will help in managing health care interventions aiming at recovery. This psychological science awareness also contributes to the formulation of behaviour change messages communicated to improve wellbeing deviant individuals.