Sample Essay on the Future of Nursing

Nurses can transform the future healthcare system if they engage in continuous training that focus on the current and upcoming technology. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) offers a platform where healthcare professionals can sharpen their skills to enhance their future careers. Personally, I would like to be part of the program to oversee the proportion of nurses who have attained a baccalaureate degree rising to 80% by 2020. As a qualified nursing professional, I would encourage nurses with diplomas as associate’s degrees to enroll in the bachelor’s degree program through sponsorship. I would also convince them to advance their education for promotion and higher income.

The attempt to increase diversity, as well as specialty by 2020 should drive the IOM towards doubling the current number of nurses who hold doctorate degrees. This might be a challenge to the IOM, as training high number of students for doctorate degree requires colossal investment. I would urge sponsors to support the IOM in promoting academic progress and research. I would also urge the academic administrators to draft new salary and benefit packages that would motivate nurses to advance their education to a doctorate level.

Future nurses must engage in lifelong learning to enhance their competence in handling new types of ailments, as well as device new methods of treatment. My plan is to ensure that I have undertaken internship with several healthcare organizations to understand the kind of problems that they handle on a daily basis. Collaborating with health facilities can assist me in carry out research on how to enhance services in such healthcare facilities. Lifelong learning incorporates adopting evidence-based practices that can improve healthcare outcomes. Additionally, I should be part of the team that facilitates competence in the training program by contributing new ideas that makes the program flexible and efficient.

I believe that the IOM has prepared me adequately in the nursing profession, as I am ready to serve at any capacity as a geriatric nurse practitioner, adult nurse practitioner, or as an acute care nurse practitioner. Developing a good relationship with my mentors in the nursing profession would help in making the appropriate choice out of the available options (Culp, 2014). Apart from the qualifications, maintaining a positive attitude is essential in gaining valuable connection to the dream career.

Nursing education is usually linked to effective patient care, as well as safety. This implies that the more the education that nurses receives, the higher the quality of care. Advancing my current level of education will be a boost to my career as hospitals are seeking nurses that are more qualified to handle complex responsibilities. An advanced degree in nursing helps in preparing an individual for higher-level responsibilities with a higher pay (Ryan, J. & Ryan, C., 2016). Having an advanced degree would enable me to work with complex information management systems, which necessitates advanced skills in analysis to enhance quality and efficiency in patient care.

My role in the future of nursing is likely to change after advancing my level of education because hospitals and nursing homes are handling more responsibilities that require nurses with in depth knowledge on medical practices. Change in technology, increase in chronic disease patients, and the rising life expectancy are likely to create more duties, as hospitals endeavor to handle the aging population. Having an advanced degree would make it easy for me to apply for open positions because I can handle numerous duties within the hospital environment.


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