Sample Essay on Reflective Essay on Health Care Ethics Nursing

During my long holidays, I had a chance to work as a trainee in one of the Nursing Homes in Texas. This gave me an opportunity to practice the skills and knowledge gained in college. When I joined the Hospital, I was welcomed by the human resource manager who then introduced me to my team leader. All staff membersembraced teamwork which made me learn new skills faster as every member was ready to assist me whenever I needed guidance on how to perform a particular role. However, at some point, there were some implications as some members seemed not to like direct supervision from our team leader. To some extend this brought about challenges as healthy communication among nurses was at risk.

While in the Nursing Home, I learned that competence in giving medical care was paramount. This is by having respect and compassion for my patients whenever I deliver my service(Epner&Baile, 2012). Asa nurse, my profession requires me to feel what my clients go through. This gave me the heart to serve patients of both genders with no discrimination. Also, as a professional, it was my duty, to be honest with my service. I came to learn that this is the major codes of ethics that my career needed me to uphold for the betterment of services in the health care.

As a training nurse, I understood that patients had the right to confidence. It was my duty not to disclose any information to any third party without the consent of my client. This was important as it kept the privacy thus helping the patients to have trust and start sharing their problems freely. I also kept a healthy relationship with the patients which made it easier for them to face me whenever they had an issue(Potter, Perry, Stockert& Hall, 2016). I did this since I knew what the AMA code of ethics required of me having pursued a career to become a professional nurse. Also, my mentor was always around to assist me whenever I needed to offer decent care to my patients.

It also came to my knowledge that for the health staff to offer appropriate medical care to their patients, confidence and communication were key. Relating well with colleagues went long way in helping me perform my duties effectively. I always kept a positive relationship with my team members which enabled me to avoid conflicts which may have affected my service delivery. Having trained to help people improve their health, I contributed towards the betterment of disease free society by forming a group to educate citizens on various health issues(Epner&Baile, 2012). The group was meant to sensitize the American people on their rights in accessing a decent health care service. Therefore, I assisted patients to get access to medical services whenever they were sick.

Evidently, when one joins a college to pursue health-related courses like nursing, one should be prepared to adhere to set standards that ensure good service delivery in the health sector. Likewise, colleges should embrace the code of ethics in the health care sector by teaching them on the ethics. This will be great in preparing them psychologically on what they will face once they get into the field.



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