Sample Essay on Nursing

  1. Why Are You Choosing a Career in Nursing at This Time?
It Has Various Learning Opportunities

Although each career is challenging in its way, the nursing career has different demands and rewards based on the setting. Each day is different and comes with diverse challenges that enable nurses to learn and remain enthusiastic about the career. Additionally, the shortage of doctors has made nurses to take over roles that were only executed by physicians. Currently, nurses are a crucial segment of the healthcare system.

Collaborative Partnerships Through Working TogetherandHeading Other Professions

Nurses usually work with a group of health-care professionals. They also lead the team by directing and organizingthe care of individuals or arranging, effecting, and assessing programs. Nursing is a career that provides independence and entails cooperation with others and governance positions.

To Grow as An Individual

A nursing structure will direct me in my personal and communal life. The skills and knowledge attained in a nursing career will improve the health and wellness of other people as well as assist me to grow as an individual. The qualities and abilities that I will learn include managing stress, listening ability, empathy,as well as inner strength.

A Fulfilling Career That Makes a Difference in Several Lives

Despite the fact that the nursing career requires one to be committed and dedicated, it is among the most rewarding careers. Nurses have a chance of making a difference in their patients’ lives by offering hands-on care and helping total strangers to live a healthier life. The experience of assisting others, giving back to the society, and impacting the victory of national healthcare proves that nursing is an inherentlyrewarding career.

  1. What Experiences Have You Had in the Health Care Field?

I studied in a medical University outside the United States for five years and had internship opportunities from my second year of study all through to the fifth year. The internships offered me an opportunity to acquire knowledge and apply my skills in the field. I enjoyed watching nurses offering comprehensive care, whichinspired me. All nurses demonstrated their passion in their work. I enjoyed the lasting nurse-patient relationship evidentlyfounded on mutual respect and appreciation. The experience enabled me to understand what primary care entails. Being there also proved my desire to become a nurse. I as well have a Bachelor degree in Biology from California University, and science classes related to medicine, such as the biology of cancer motivated me into a nursing career. The courses employed empirically attained knowledge to inventing treatments through particular molecular targets called biological mechanisms. The model of creating a discovery in laboratories, which may be employedin saving lives enticed and motivated me to join the healthcare field.


  1. What Are Your Short- And Long-Term Career Goals?

My short- term career goals include working in a hospital as a volunteer to acquire work experience and required skills in my profession as a nurse. I also intend to pursue an academic program to acquire a BSN degree or graduate level nursing education for higher practice, management, training, or research in a stipulated time frame. My long-term goal is to take up a new position within a healthcare organization with a lot of responsibilities and accountability in order to progress my nursing career. I would like to be committed to medical research, making people happy, and assistingin establishing platforms for disadvantaged individuals to enhance their welfare.From my experiences, I believe that nursing is a fulfilling and rewarding profession. Attending to different individuals will give me a chance to impact their lives and enable them to live a healthy life.