Sample Essay on Management and Organization of Qualitative Data

Management and Organization of Qualitative Data

Management and organization of qualitative data first depends on what the research project intends to accomplish in relation to its design. Qualitative research should have a planned structure on how data will be collected by providing detailed methods and analysis plans.

(Johnson et al 2010)

Management and organization of qualitative data involves first the creation of a file naming system that incorporates elements including data collection method, sites of collection, date of collection, participant identification number, and interviewer. Qualitative data is then recorded in units of work that is equivalent to a file and usually written in Microsoft word.

Data tracking system should be created such that original raw data is stored in a central repository and managed by one administrative staff responsible for correcting misspellings and resolves inaudible in audio files. An integrated qualitative database should be built that helps in linking field notes resulting to a display of code names and number of subjects interviewed. This structured organization of data permits efficient conduction of analyses even though the database is extensive and large.(Johnson et al 2010)

Transcription procedure should be established by use of professional transcription services or by hiring a trained transcription staff. Data is first checked to ensure its accuracy and sufficient quality before analysis. Interviews are then transcribed and even what people were saying is summarized. Theming should be conducted by organizing or rather combining related themes into major categories that are labeled and later a file for each major category is created.

Protocols for eliciting rich qualitative data are utilized and involve drafting of question order and clarification on major focus of project. This should be conducted after ethnographic observations and systematic review of filed notes. (Powell et al 2003).



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