Sample Essay on Joyce Travelbee: the Human-to-Human Relationship Model

Joyce Travelbee is one of the grand nursing theorists who have made a great impact in the healthcare industry. Born in the twentieth century, Travelbee practiced psych nursing in different places, but the one that gave rise to the human-to-human relationship model was the psych nursing practice at a catholic charity hospital. During her practice at the hospital, Travelbee discovered that health care providers focused only on the objective part of health, which did not give room for the formation of human relationship (Roxanne, 2012). As such, she developed the human-to-human relationship model to aid in the development of an ideal relationship between practitioners and patients for better health care. The lack of compassion among many practitioners with whom Travelbee interacted with at the catholic charity hospital created a desire in her for better service delivery in health care (Alligood, 2014).

The main values set forth by the theorists include compassion, empathy and a personal relationship between health care providers and patients. Patients find it easy to open up to healthcare providers who are not only concerned with their physical health but also emotional health. Further, friendly nurses are easily approachable than their counterparts. On the other hand, the human-to-human relationship model includes three of the metaparadigm concepts including person, health and nursing (Yoost & Crawford, 2015). The inclusion of the three metaparadigm makes the model quite adequate, especially in the nursing practice because it touches on the main agendas of healthcare practice. The nursing practice aims at taking care of the whole person rather than the physical health. Further, the model is quite useful in various areas of the healthcare practice, including nursing practice, patient education, and healthcare facility administration. However, the model can be put to better use if applied in the daily nursing practice.


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