Sample Essay on Food Safety

Food safety is quite essential in any country, as countries that neglect food safety end up spending astronomical sums of money on treating numerous illnesses and on taking care of people who suffer from chronic diseases. Americans benefit from maximum protection from harm that may emanate from consuming unsafe food. No other country in the world is capable of monitoring domestically-produced and imported foods better than the U.S. While some other countries continue to be apprehensive aboutnewest technologies, for example, genetically modified foods,a, Americans have proved that it is possible to be open to innovations and stay healthy at the same time. Although beef usually attracts media scrutiny due to its excess consumption on a daily bases compared to other meats, American consumers have more confidence in its safety than any other meat.

It is no secret that one of the first priorities of the government is people’s health.Thus, the governmenthas endeavored to implement safety measures that would ensure consumers have purchased healthy meat from meat sellers. The U.S beef supply is considered as one of the safest in the world, and this has attracted numerous customers all over the world to purchase beef from the U.S. According to the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), there areno hidden ingredients in packed beef, andrelevant agencies ensure that fresh cuts are not preserved with additives. Nevertheless, foodborne disease is still not uncommon for American citizens.  For this reason, I selected the article “America’s Food Supply Is Safe” for critical review asitsauthorhas strived to show the reasonswhythe food supply in the U.S. is safe, and show that food-borne illness usually occurs due to inappropriate handling rather than the use of pesticides and chemicals by ranchers and farmers.

This article has indicated that both chemicals and pesticides are declared not harmful to humans after being used to treat animals and sprayed on plants that animals eat. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has assessed various plant foods and affirmed that chemical residues in food pose no threat to human health, as adults have to consume 3,000 pieces of lettuce every day to feel the effect of chemicals in food. Consumer safety has been boosted by the federal inspection systems, which ensure that meat and poultry samples are analyzed exhaustively every year. The agencies also ensure that they have scrutinized meat imported from other countries, and this has helped other countries to enhance consumer safety in order to carry out trade with the U.S.

This article has transformed my outlook concerning food safety in the U.S. because I never thought that the government could be so dedicated toensuring that its citizens are protected from hazardous chemicals in meat.  Initially, I thought it was almost impossible to control chemicals that get into animals’ bodiesthrough vaccination and treatment for various diseases, but I discovered that the government system of approval has helped in carrying out analysis to ensure that chemical residues in food do not pose any threat to humans. Many people believe that most of the chemicals that are sprayed onplants get into animals’ body systems and are later passed to humans, which, in its turn, facilitates the spread of chronic diseases.

Understanding the idea ofthis article has enabled me to realizethe extent at which the government, as well as other regulatory bodies, is concerned about consumer safety. The article indicates that no other food product undergoes such a close scrutiny by the government before being allowed to be sold to customers than meat. For several decades, cattlemen have persisted in ensuring the safety of the customers by launching a Beef Quality Assurance which advises cattlemen all over the country to adhere to quality control measuresthatshould exceed government requirements. The attempt to preserve meat has led to the use of preservatives and additives thatare believed to cause ailments in humans.

The information gathered from this article is vital in expounding my knowledge on food safety in the U.S. and my own safety.I now understand that most of the food-borne illnesses result from improper handling, preparation, and storage of some foods. Researchers from both the government and private agencies found no evidence to prove that pesticides found in our foods could be a health hazard. Cases of cancer result from the naturally occurring carcinogens that are found in foods and not synthetic causes. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) ensure that drugs and pesticides utilized in taking care of crops fed to livestock are thoroughly tested before being approved for commercial use.

Customersneed to be assured of their safety while consuming certain types of foods which can negatively influence their health. One of the reasons that compelled me to select this particular article is the fact thatit is supported by both federal government agencies and non-governmental agencies thatensurethat the information offered here is authentic. I am always mindful concerning what I eat; hence, reading this article gave me an assurance that whenever beef is concerned, I am on the safe side.Additionally, the article is backed by various scientists who have carried out numerous researches on food safety and, in particular, beef.




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