Sample Essay on Career Development Plan

Career Development Plan

My career life involves being a nurse. My job responsibilities include caring for the ailing, old, weak patients, visiting and residing at the healthcare institution. As a nursing professional, I enjoy, derive pleasure and satisfaction of being a nurse. This is because I am able to improve someone else’s life quality. More so, I am able to meet and fulfill their needs and desires based on my expansive nursing experience. I therefore spend significant amount of time performing nursing duties and responsibilities directly and indirectly across various platforms. I have learnt and identified various personal and professional skills and qualities enabling me to undertake and sustain my career. I discovered nurses ought to be patient, caring, attentive, careful, selfless, and understanding (Cooper, 2009). Based on the nursing courses I have undertaken, these qualities guarantee I can achieve my professional aspirations and career goals.

However, there exist career gaps between my current and needed knowledge base in order to achieve my career goals. My main career goals involve improving qualities of lives and healthcare. In order to achieve these goals, I ought to possess knowledge base skills and qualifications. For example, I understand improving qualities of lives is beyond meeting and fulfilling healthcare needs. I need to listen to the patient, provide measures to treat the current illness and offer advice on how to prevent medical issues in the future. Nursing school teaches students how to be caring and understanding towards patients needs (Williams & Jordan, 2007). However, I also need to acquire more knowledge on social and healthcare needs facing members of the community.

I therefore ought to identify my strengths and weaknesses as well as understand the elements of being a nurse. My main weakness involves close and continuous supervision as I believe am careful and competent. However, the nursing profession requires daily discussions between the nurse and the supervisor (Cooper, 2009).  As a result, am required to report my daily progression while seeking advice on various issues and challenges that may be hindering me from delivering my job requirements. However, I believe in being innovative and creative. As a result, conflicts can occur between me and my supervisor as I attempt to be skillful, qualified, and creative. This is because nursing pertains respecting and following medical systems and procedures applied in healthcare (Cooper, 2009). I have therefore learnt to control various qualities allied to self-motivation and career integrity coupled with patient. Currently, I am able to seek advice without feeling incompetents, insecure, and underperforming. Consequently, I have grown to be an energetic, ethical, and passionate nurse.

I also identify gaps in my current and needed skills required to achieve my career goals. For example, I discovered am more passionate caring and treating the elderly. However, I also derive satisfaction in helping youths handle drug addiction. Thus, I need various skills to undertake these duties. Foremost, I ought to acquire adaptability skills to ensure am professional and ethical in handling drug addicts. This is because dealing with drug addicts and elderly offers different experiences. The elderly are mainly persons residing within the healthcare institution. Thus, it is easier to monitor their progress and ensure they receive high quality healthcare services. However, youthful drug addicts are mainly found in the streets. They only visit a healthcare institution when sick due to infections or overdose.

More so, they are hardly determined to stop drug use and abuse. As soon as they are treated, they risk exposure and relapse. Advising them to join the rehabilitation center at the healthcare institution is ethical and advisable. However, it can be frustrating to both the patient and the nurse as drug addicts face challenges adapting to the new environment. Their challenges are coupled with inability to stay sober. As a nurse, am required to apply professional and ethical skills to motivate and encourage them remain in the rehabilitation clinic to receive treatment. However, some escape and others just give (Cooper, 2009). This can therefore be frustrating and discouraging. I therefore need to adapt and understand that, healthcare needs are different and diverse. As a result, I should provide my best and let the receivers accept services being rendered without feeling coerced or threatened. In order to close these gaps, I am pursuing technical improvement nursing courses. They will ensure I improve professional, personal, career, and safety development skills. I will also acquire specific skills such as caring for drug addicts and incapacitated patients.

Gaps existing between my current and needed accomplishments in order to achieve my career goals are also diverse. My current accomplishments include helping and caring for the elderly lead safe, healthy, and comfortable lives. My nursing responsibilities have ensured the elderly groups are neither neglected nor forgotten by family and friends. With regards to persons living with disabilities, I have ensured they attend their daily physiotherapy sessions. This has helped a number of patients improve basic abilities including standing, feeding, and walking without assistance. My main accomplishment has been working with the youths in schools and streets to curb drug use and abuse leading to addiction. I teach and motivate the affected parties’ to adopt ways they can avoid drug use and addiction. I have ensured various local schools establish a program to help students affected by drugs. Some students start using drugs as they are brought up by parents addicted to drugs.

The program ought to encourage them to avoid engaging in unethical and unhealthy vice in order to concentrate in their studies. Children in the streets either sell or consume drugs. Major healthcare institutions in the country run rehabilitation centers. As members of the nursing organization, we ought to identify the affected street children, treat them for common infections and enroll them to a rehabilitation program. Common infections such as flues, wounds, and injuries are mainly acquired from residing in the streets. These are coupled with mental, emotional, and psychological abuse and instability due to harsh residential and environmental environments. More so, their dietary habits are poor. Thus, the nursing organization ensures they are fed, clothed, and hosted in a rehabilitation center providing healthcare services addressing their medical and social needs. The accomplishments I need to achieve however include improving the nursing profession. Poor communication skills, storage and retrieval of documents as well as efficiency in delivery of reports to the supervisor are major issues hindering nursing profession. Nursing teams also lack cooperation as they are keen on competition killing the teamwork spirit. In order to achieve these accomplishments, are needed.


Assurance that my nursing career will develop therefore includes identifying my current skills, abilities, and accomplishments. Consequently, I should compare them with the needed requirements in the career in order to determine how to improve and strive in meeting my career goals and objectives. William and Jordan (2007) assert that, spending time assessing personal and professional goals can positively impact the nursing career development plan.


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