Sample Essay on Antisocial Personality Disorder Management

This assignment is premised on a patient diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder undergoing treatment at a Substance Abuse Unit. Particularly, this assignment seeks put forth strategies of managing the patient’s behavior of constantly asking for money from other patients and family members. Citing statistical evidence from both clinical trials and empirical studies as elucidated by Crofford (2011),embracing approaches that arepositiveand those thatreinforcemanagement of antisocial personality disorder are most likely to address the problem than engaging strategies that are considered negative and punitive.

Setting up a supportiveguidance working environment both physical and psychologicalhas a significant contribution towards helping the patient manage the disorder. This assignment recommends that to effectively manage the current behavior of the patient, the Substance Abuse Unit should counsel the patient. Continuous engagement in guidance and counselling is critical in creating attention and management of the disorder rather than treating consequences. Additionally, long-term appreciationwill enable the patient adjust from the disorder.

Psychologistsadvocate forsocial dialogue in order to defuseincidents of Antisocial Personality Disorder related issues (Crofford, 2011).A participatory approach that entailsall concerned parties; the patient and the unit,should play an active role in the design, implementation, and management of the patient’s disorder. Conducting interactive sessions that are premised on disseminating role models of patients who managed coping with the disorderwill help the patient develop effective management and coping strategies of the maladjustment.

In addition, steer policy-makers of the unit should embrace andsustain a natural process of offering stimulations and encouragement to the patient. Further, this study finds helping the patient in fostering individual awareness critical in impacting coping and recovery of the patient from the disorder.



Crofford, L. J. (2011). Violence, Stress, and Somatic Syndromes. Trauma, Violence, & Abuse,8(3), 299-313.