Sample Creative Writing Paper on the Ice Breaker

My name is Janet Ndumu. I live in Laurel MD. I am a charge nurse at the specialty hospital of Washington DC. I am currently in the family nurse practitioner program. One interesting fact about me is that I am very passionate about helping people. I like helping people from needy backgrounds who cannot afford the cost of health care. Seeing the quality of people’s lives change for the better is very fulfilling for me. I may not be able to save a life every day, but I can make it better by giving people hope, strength, and compassion in their time of need, especially when they are sick and bedridden. I have many career goals and aspirations. One of my career goals and aspirations as a family nurse practitioner is to be able to give the appropriate evidence-based care for my clients. I would like to provide them with health education and accurate strategies that will enable them prevent the spread of diseases, and help them to be aware of the risk factors surrounding them and how to avoid them. I aspire to organize and participate in various community outreach programs that are concerned with providing health care to individuals, such as immunization clinics, health fairs, free breast cancer screening, and free HIV/AIDS counseling and testing. I also aspire to progress the role of professional nursing at the community level so that each individual in need of a nurse’s assistance is able to receive it without much difficulty. I would also like to provide community health services to the people who are in need of medical assistance but cannot afford it, as it has always been my passion to give back to the community.