Sample Creative Writing Paper on Nurse Manager Role

A nurse leader prioritizes the interests of clients while collaborating with the other care-givers to better the services given to patients. This adds to the release of facilities to clients. Leadership is not a progression of capacity but relatively a approach that enlightens an individual’s behaviour. A nurse manager has a mandate to impact the functioning of innovations, create information, and advertise the novelty implementations and meditate on the facilities strategies. Therefore, the nurse manager should be well-informed in administration and have diverse expertise in dealing with people. Additionally, the health practise is surfacing. This calls for a nurse manager to be informed on health technologies and economics.

It is imperative that the nurse leader leads from the facade. This should be toppled by establishing relations with the other nurses. This will help in attaining a shared vision as responsibilities will be carried out by a motivated team, and challenges shared and appreciated in a united front. There a many challenges that face the new nurses during the transition period (Chang and John 7). A nurse manager can encourage fresh nurses to encounter a certain challenge by appreciating their efforts to handle a situation. This goes a long way in boosting drive along with fascinating the caregivers.

According to Roussel, considering the trends in light of organizations and systems propel nurse administrators to consider different, innovative ways to structure and redesign processes and outcomes necessary to transform care delivery (5). To better the results within the resource, a nurse manager communicates the goals and expectations of other practitioners and facility setting. This can be realized by instituting a stratagem model. The model should incorporate aspects such as motivation, persuasion and create room for negotiation of matters that need consultations and agreements.


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