Sample Coursework Paper on Living a Healthful Life through our Diet

The majority of citizens living in the United States do not care about their diet, which is very significant as part of their nutrition. Often, it is advisable to live healthy through our diet by serving more of fruits and vegetables. However, this is contrary to my personal diet and the meals taken for three consecutive days.  The maximum personal calorie an individual should attain is 1500. Nevertheless, this target exceeded for three days based on the types of food taken. Mostly, my diet was full of junk food such as pizza, fries and other types of food full of calories that are harmful to our health.  In fact, half of the diet we take should consist of fruits and vegetables and with a small portion of proteins and grains. In comparison with the suggestions made by three individuals (Michelle Obama, Tom Vilsack – the Agricultural Secretary and Regina Benjamin who is the surgeon general) in their new design campaign called MyPlate symbol, keeping a healthy dietary has become a big problem for most of the citizens.

It is evident that every an individual is barraged with dietary talks to an extent of finding less time to sort through the lines on the given information. They slip the design into four major categories, that is; fruits, vegetables, proteins and grains, and an individual should fill half of his or her meals with fruits and vegetables. When assessing my diet in comparison to what is instituted in the new design pyramid, individuals’ diet is always full of oversize portions and sugary drinks that need replacement, contrary to what is affirmed by key doctors (William, 2011). In collaboration with the federal government, a guideline was launched purposely for the nutrition education programs that would assist individuals live and keep healthy diet as daily routine.

The guideline specifies that individuals should have balanced calories where they enjoy their meals and eat less. Consequently, they are to increase fruits and vegetables within their diet, avoid fats and lower milk consumption to one percent. A lot of water is highly recommended instead of sugary. Dairy products that are another source of protein are highly recommended in our diet though with lots of precaution. Elliott (2014) clarifies that our dietary pyramid should constitute of the roughages taking the larger percentage, followed by fruits and vegetable and lastly foods rich in protein. However, we should consume fats, oils and sugary products sparingly. The project initiated by the Michelle’s anti-obesity team together with other federal health officials largely target of about 4,500 individual children as a sample size to first develop MyPlate initiative. The officials of the program have a budget of about $2 million aimed to launch the website and provide other educational materials during the campaigns.


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