Sample Coursework Paper on Emerging roles for Nurses

The role of nurses is changing in today’s medical field due to significant advancements in technology. Nurses are no longer just expected to care for the sick but also to keep in line with technological changes in medicine.  The emergence of new fields such as genomics, informatics, robotics, stem cell research, biometrics, and electronic health records have completely changed the nursing field (Huston 2). Nurses are required to conduct research using all available technological tools to provide better and quality healthcare for the patients. For example, nurse informatics involves the integration of nursing practices with aspects of information technology in managing the health condition of patients. Nurses are required to have the necessary skills that will assist in the implementation of such programs. Such skills include designing computer systems, analyzing the information on the computer system, training other on the use of information systems and develop theory related to nursing informatics (Gartrell et al. 314). Additionally nurses using the electronic health record system can examine patients past medical history without necessarily asking the patients for vital signs (Gartrell et al 309). The resulting increase in technology has seen nurses developing medical applications can detect the health status of a patient. Others have been involved in publishing new works showing the use of new technological tools such as genomics and proteomics. Nurses have also learned new methods of diagnosing diseases that trace down to the gene level by using techniques such as next generation sequencing

However, not all nurses have been lucky to undergo such programs. A lot needs to be doneespecially when it comes to the nursing curriculum. Major nursing schools are incorporating teaching modules that focus on practical solutions for new technologies. Additionally, nursing attachments and in-service programs will assist the majority of nurses to get the first-hand experience with the use of new technological tools. Lastly, nurses are also undertaking seminars and short courses on the use of new technologies in medicine (Axley 3).

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