Sample Coursework Paper Obesity


Obesity is a challenge among American citizens. There is therefore need to come up with ways of reducing this problem and improve general health in the state. In Saratoga County, the health department has categorized it as one of its major obstacles towards a healthy region. Obesity therefore has been categorized as the first agenda in the five-year prevention plan for New York. At least 100 institutions have partnered to positively influence the health of the citizens (Saratoga County, 2014). In categorizing health requirements amongst individuals, there is need to analyze previous information and confer with the affected individuals. This will further assist in the prevention of chronic diseases among the obese.

Previously, it was identified that obesity is one of the main contributors of diseases, such as cancer and diabetes. In Saratoga, it has been realized that majority of the adults are rarely participating in physical activities. They indulge in less of fruits and vegetables, which are a necessity in the prevention of this predicament. The affected therefore need to increase physical activities and improve on nutrition. It is advisable to come up with ways to assist the low socio-economic citizen access healthier foods. Saratoga county authorities must also come up with better facilities for physical exercises. They can incorporate walkways and lanes for the residents. There is also need for the County authorities to raise awareness over the risks related to obesity and the available resources for the management of health challenges. Among the information that needs to be circulated within the region is the need for proper breastfeeding (Saratoga County, 2014). This is to assist in the reduction of the rates at which children below ten years are becoming obese. The number of newborns to be breastfed within this region is therefore expected to rise. The health departments together with the authorities can identify other areas of need and supplement resources.



Saratoga County. (2014). “Community Health Improvement Plan, 2013-2017.” Web. 23 Sept 2015.