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Sample Capstone Project Paper on Adolescent Obesity Part C

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Sample Capstone Project Paper on Adolescent Obesity Part C


            This study contains a summary table and a literature review for the research previously done. There are various problems, which are highlighted in the previous studies. This study further highlights the solutions offered in the studies.

Literature Review

            The adolescent obesity is one of the major problems, which is experienced by the US health department (Ogden, Carroll, Kit, & Flegal, 2014). This problem has various effects on the life of the youths. The affected adolescents are at high risk of attack of the cardiovascular diseases. Pre-diabetes is likely to affect the adolescents. Bone and joint problems and sociological problems are also likely to be contracted by the adolescents. It is also likely for an adolescent to be obese even at adulthood. They are therefore more at risk of contracting diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, and stroke, even at adulthood. Previous studies prove that obese adolescents are likely to acquire different types of cancer.

            In order to overcome adolescent obesity, it is essential for the affected to adopt healthy lifestyles. This comprise of healthy nutrition, and physical exercise. The society can positively influence the behavior of the youths. Families, schools and the community setting can enhance the physical activities. The educative institutions can further establish secure and supportive environment. This can be through introduction of policies, which enhance policies and practices for healthy eating and healthy behaviors.

            From the study by Freedman et al, (2011), the study highlights the necessity for the better strategies to improve weight management among the youths. This has been proved through the research carried out. The title identifies the project to be a quality improvement. From the study, it is clear that obesity is a health problem in America. The report offers a structured summary, which comprises of data that shows the history and the present implications of the problem. The study also shows evidence of the problem, limitations and results. It contains recommendations and implications of the study. The study further gives the search method. Longitudinal and cross-sectional methods are used. The reason for applying the search methods is also defined. Multiple search information is also applied. There is the use of the previous research in relation to the qualitative study carried out.

            According to Popkin and Udry, (1998), second and third generation immigrants in America are experiencing increased obesity among adolescents. This is a national longitudinal study, which was carried among various immigrants. In relation to the results, the title of the study reveals the form of the study. The title also confirms the findings of the study. This research is a quality improvement study. This is because it highlights obesity trends among adolescent immigrant, a topic that has little information. It also highlights the obesity trend as a manageable health problem in America. In addition to this, the study applies both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. The researchers applied survey on the large samples. Multivariate techniques have been applied in the study of ethnicity, age, and adolescent models among the diverse generations. The study ahs further realized that immigrant males are more likely to become obese than females, with exception of the African Americans. On average, there is the likelihood of approximately 26% of the present adolescents increasing in obesity. Asian and Hispanics born in America are more likely to be as much as obese as their first generation in all the entire nation.

            In Daniels (2005), the title of the study highlights the results realized in the study. This qualitative study highlights the need to have prevention measures exercised in the normalization of the adolescents’ weight. The study has proved that prevention of abnormal weight gain among adolescents and children is essential. The study highlights measures as quality improvement for the solution of the health problem. There is the defined structure of the study. The title relates with the results of the study. The study has the abstract, the background of the study, qualitative research design as the methodology, results, and a discussion. In as much as the study has included previous research, it fails to highlight the major problem related with the management of the adolescent obesity.

According to Krebs, (2007), it is an uphill task to convince patients to modify their lifestyle. This has been the major result after carrying out various assessment tests on the clinical treatments. From the study, there are various research gaps on how an effective analysis of the problem needs to e carried out. The authors have therefore concluded that more studies need to be reviewed. From the study, this is one of the major research contributions for the proof of the adolescent obesity and solutions to the problems at hand. Through qualitative data analysis of previous research, the conclusion has been similar to the title.

From the study by Ogden, the rate of adult obesity is increasing. This is majorly attributed by the youth obesity. From the study, it is evident that the high number of adolescent obesity results to obesity in adults. It is also clear that this further leads to health complications such as diabetes and cancerous dieses. The study and the results highlight the danger of adolescent obesity in America. This study therefore offers qualitative implications. Through previous studies and analysis of the data, it is proof that obesity is a problem. The research consists of an abstract, a title, background, methodology, and discussion of the results.

The study by the national center for health statistics gives a quantitative view to the problem. The institution has carried out an analysis over 2011 to 2012 over the obesity especially in young children and in adults. It is clear that the given lifestyle of the people dictates the health status. In the country, the social and the economic status vary among people. The socio-economic wellbeing was realized to be a major contributor to the present obesity cases. It is however disheartening that the high obesity rates is realized among adolescents. This is the prime age for people to live healthy lives. It was also realized that the more the unhealthy lifestyle, the less the mortality rate. The study is comprehensive. It has covered the entire nation, applied previous studies, and analyses previous data received. The quantitative and qualitative approach assists in capturing all forms of data. The study offers invaluable solution to the problem realized.


Evaluation Template Table

Authors/Year of Citation

Research Design

Data Collection Methods

Sample Characteristics

Key Findings

Popkin & Udry, 1998

Mixed: Longitudinal

Surveys, interviews, discussions, and observations

n= 13,783





African Americans= 20%

Males were found to be more obese than females in all the ethnic groups apart from the African Americans. First generation and second generation Asians and Hispanics were found to have an increasing obesity rates in the entire nation

Freedman, et al, 2007

Quantitative: Cross-sectional, and Longitudinal

Interviews, surveys, discussions

Cross-sectional, n=10,099

Longitudinal, n=2,392

Aggressive weight control strategies are necessary for the children and the adolescents



Daniels, et al, 2005


Analysis of Secondary data sources

Use of previous research

Prevention of abnormal weight gain among adolescents and children is essential



Krebs, et, al, 2007


Use of secondary sources: journals and articles published after 1995

Use of more than 300 scientific studies published since 1995

It is difficult to convince patients to change their lifestyles. Researches on effective evaluation of adolescent obesity has numerous gaps. More studies need to be carried out to review and to present the available proof of effective research strategies.

Ogden, et al, 2014.


Qualitative study

Secondary data sources

Previous studies for 2011 to 2012 and observations were used

The number of adult obesity is increasing. The high number of adult obese is a result of adolescent obesity

National Center for Health Statistics, 2012

Mixed research methodology

Observations and previous data statistics

Socio economical studies in the region of Hyattsville

Socioeconomic status plays a major role in the high rate of the adolescent obesity



            The study reviews various studies and the applied methodology. The table summarized five different studies carried out at different periods. The literature review further highlights the results and the implications of the given studies.

















Daniels, S. R., Arnett, D. K., Eckel, R. H., et al. “Overweight in Children and Adolescents: Pathophysiology, Consequences, Prevention, and Treatment.” Circulation. 2005. 111. 1999–2002.

Freedman, D. S., Zuguo, M., Srinivasan, S. R., Berenson, G. S., & Dietz, W. H. “Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Excess Adiposity among Overweight Children and Adolescents: The Bogalusa Heart Study.” Journal of Pediatrics. 2007. 150(1):12–17.

Krebs, N. F., Himes, J. H., Jacobson, D., Nicklas, T. A., Guilday, P. & Styne, D. “Assessment of child and adolescent overweight and obesity.” Pediatrics.  2007. 120. S193–S228.

Ogden, C. L., Carroll, M. D., Kit, B., K. & Flegal, K. M. “Prevalence of Childhood and Adult Obesity in the United States, 2011-2012.” Journal of the American Medical Association. 2014. Vol. 311(8). Pages 806-814.

Popkin & Udry. “Adolescent Obesity Increases Significantly in Second and Third Generation U.S. Immigrants: The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health.” Journal of Nutritional Services.1998. 128(4): 701-706

National Center for Health Statistics. With Special Features on Socioeconomic Status and Health. Department of Health and Human Services. Hyattsville. 2012.

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Sample Capstone Project Paper on Adolescent Obesity Part C

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Sample Capstone Project Paper on Adolescent Obesity Part C

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