Sample Article Review Paper on Promoting Behaviour Change in Health Care System

Personal behaviour is a major factor that affects an individual’s health. Many people improve their health situations through participating in health promotion conducts. Good managing of these behaviours improves the health of these individuals, a process which can only be achieved through behaviour change. Both healthy and sick individuals take part in behaviour change process so as to improve their health (Bodenheimer, 2005). For instance, an obese person needs to change his diet as well as a healthy individual who eat a lot of calories food need to change the diet too. For these actions to be successful, healthcare practitioners need to understand the process of behaviour change and its models.

Appreciating Inquiry (AI) is the fundamental aspect that healthcare practitioners have incorporated in promoting behaviour change in healthcare system.AI focuses on an interactive engagement between medical practitioners and the individuals with an aim of creating positives, enthusiasm and life boosting power and forces. Health practitioners initiate this interaction with an aim of affirming the client’s ability to make positive, informed and good decisions. One of the most basic behaviour change model is motivational interviewing. This is a system which moves to prevailing over the notion that stops individuals from making informed decisions about their lives even after getting medical attention and psychological care. They involve a sequence of interactive sessions between individuals and health practitioners that boosts their morale that initiate a change process.

Another model of behaviour change in healthcare system is resourcefulness which equips one with handiness to have power over effects of distressing and feelings about a particular condition. They motivate against self destruction thoughts and the belief of a positive cope in the future which does away with negative health thoughts among individuals. Imagery has also been as a behaviour change model. This is the mind creation vision which aims at improving ones physical, emotional and spiritual attributes through formation of a mental positive situation. Asset assessment model presents the environment as a source of opportunities is also important in health care system behaviour change to enable individual make use of available resources rather than focusing on their conditions.



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