Nursing Sample Paper on Complementary and Alternative Therapies

Differences between Complementary and Alternative Therapies

Despite the fact that complementary alternative therapies are on the rise, many Christians still feel they are unorthodox ways of healing.Complementary and alternative healing therapies are other methods of pursuing health apart from the normal conventional way of being treated in places like hospitals. In other words, they fall outside the realm of normal medicine offered in healthcare centers and institutions. However, this essay will center its focus on highlighting the difference between the two types of therapies mentioned above.

Complementary healing therapies are healing practices that go hand in hand with traditional medicines such as herbs and shrubs just to mention but a few. The latter statement is to say that complementary healing therapies entail incorporating the normal conventional treatment ways with traditional forms of healing such as acupuncture (Myers, 2014). For example, a cancer patient that undergoes chemotherapy would incorporate acupuncture to hasten the healing process and manage the side effects of such treatments. Complementary healing therapies provide additional healing strategies and cope up with side effects such as vomiting caused by treatment ventures such as chemotherapy.

On the other hand, alternative healing therapies are healing practices that can be used as substitutes for the normal conventional treatment ways. The latter is to say that alternative therapy is independent and does not go hand in hand with other modes of healing (Myers, 2014). Considering a cancer patient as the point of discussion, one may opt to forego chemotherapy and choose to treat the ailment using dietary changes.

In conclusion, complementary healing therapies aredependent on the normal conventional treatment ways whereas alternative healing therapies are independent of the normal treatment ways.



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