Sample Essay Paper on Yank Musical Work

Yank refers to the musical works of American that is based on a love story duringWorld War II. The story was composed by composed by David Zellnik while his brother Joseph composed the music. The show music began in 2005 at the musical theater festival of New York, but on April 4, 2010, the music hit and transferred Broadway. It overlays a modern sensibility of gay on a usual crew of wartime by illustrating the sheer hell that was endured by the gay soldiers, both internally and externally.

I chose this musical work of Yank because it is connected to the love of gay that occurs in the military field. Accordingly, it explores the meaning of a man as well as the implication of falling in love and struggle. There is also quality in their song, which misses in other most new musicals songs. In addition, they write their score with the heart in the right place and with an honesty. These aspects are rare in current songs.

Despite the obvious audience of lesbian and gay men, the American value involved in this song is the major engagement of question of love, citizenship and a cultural belonging that is revolving all around the nation. Yank seems to maintain the status quo whereby it asserts that throughout history in the world of military “gays will continue to serve and that gay love and their lives matter and should not be forgotten or swept under the carpet” (Greenfield, 2010).

In conclusion, one thing to be learned from this artist and the America music is the key courage to talk about the thriving gay culture that ultimately paves the way for Cultural Revolution. More so, the courage to fight for love is brought out. This should  beimplemented.



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