Sample Essay on the Jazz History

Cool jazz was the first type of cool mode. It had the ability to reduce musical tension. It had slow tempos, which allowed singers to creating long-lined lyrics of a song, and classical music. West Coast jazz style had Dial Records and its bop-focused sound remained on the West Coast in order to retain its taste. It is more of cool jazz. The Funky and Hard Bop style’s melodies are simple and full of emotion. Free Jazz was confronted by the American political and social pressures of the 1960s. They included the oppression of black Americans and emergence of the African leaders. It is more of a bebop.

Some performers in the experimentation were very conscious. In addition, the establishment of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) in 1965 led to the emergence of musicians like Anthony Braxton, Joseph Jarman, and Lesters Bowie among others. They involved themselves with the modification of sound. The experimentation was a way of creating a unique image, which would be able to attract and seek attention. Much of this freedom was not to evade traditional jazz. Its aim was to build universality in music and be able to accommodate the changing trends. This was an unconditional kind of music without set limits of time and tone. They incorporated spoken texts, which they wrote, and performed human voices as an instrument. These musicians of the initial generation of AACM are my best.

Coleman and Sun Ra are in the middle of these two approaches. They often speak verbally of their theoretical approaches, and their performances are different. According to me, they are poor perform