Sample Essay on Soundscape

The soundscape refers to putting together various sounds that build up in an immersive environment. Different elements result in the soundscape; it is from this that one has to listen consciously to understand the meaning or the message conveyed. This paper, therefore, presents the soundscape I encountered during that occasion.

In a church setting, various instruments are always available to bring about different rhythmic pulses. The tools are always aimed at keeping the congregation feels holier by producing different sounds. In church, there are instruments creating foreground sounds, for instance, long sustained note that brings out the different sound with a different meaning. Frequently, the devices that usually get used in the church include bells, drum sets, piano, and the guitar. Basically, a bell is used in the church to produce a sound that shows changes in programs.

Arguably, it is always easy to notice various sounds produced by the instruments in a church. When the stage is set for the choir, the instruments are played in a rhythmic manner creating a conducive environment for worshipping. The sounds produced by these devices unless equalized cause effects on the listeners, so the choir conductor is obliged to ensure the sound pitches are well managed.

For instance, at New Life Church the availability of different instruments makes it hard to control the sounds produced.  These devices when used in a different setting, the sound they produce is entirely different from their meaning in the church.  Also, instruments have numerous advantages when being utilized in the church; an example is a guitar.  Just like other instruments used in a church, the guitar also produces enjoyable sounds. At the wedding in the church that I attended, everyone was jovial listening to the combinations of the instruments.

The piano used brought out the best quality of music that is required as the conductor directed the pianist on the particular tone needed. A combination of guitar and piano creates a tune that fills the soul creating a conducive environment for those who love classical songs.

The other sound instruments also available in the church were trumpet, siphons but these were not extensively used as the piano and guitar. The soundscape experienced in the church is one with variations in tones and also different expressions. If one listens to the combination of sounds produced by various instruments in a church, it is easy to be involved in the praise and worship process. The sounds produced also have some weaknesses; these shortcomings get recognized when the artist lacks uniformity in the play which brings discomfort to the listeners.

When the sounds get played, I realized there were notable effects, continuous playing of these instruments brings about efficient coordination. The players are well trained and do enjoy playing the instrumentals leading to uniformity in the final tones produced. The combinations of these sounds bring about some sense of achievement for the player.

In conclusion, the sounds brought about by the combination of various instruments in a church make the members more active. In most occasions, it is important for the members to be always attentive during the entire service. It is because tonal variations produced results in the elimination of boredom hence ensuring the congregation remains active. The continuous changes in the tone keep the church members to be lively.