Sample Essay on Musical Elements

Music can generally be defined as a form art in which instruments sounds and vocals are combined to provide a beautiful output of harmony that can express emotion or pass an idea. For an effective music, various elements are involved.

‘If I could only win your love’ is a country music written by Charlie and Iran Louvin from the album Emmylon Harris. In the song, the artist sings about what he will do if he could win the heart and love of the woman of her dream and how jealously he would protect the relationship. He speaks of how hard he has tried and wishes the woman would recognize the efforts he has put to win her heart. The video is on YouTube on the link


This is the placing of sound or vocals at the right time, it involves organizing of contrasting variations in an orderly manner. In the music, there is perfect change from on stance to the next where instrument sounds shortly before vocals are heard.


The pace or speed of thebeat in any music plays an important role in any song. In the song, the tempos are neither too quick nor too slow making it easy to hear each word of the song.




This is the use of pitches simultaneously so as to give a musical touch to a song. It can be counter melody or adding of chords. In the song harmony is evident in creating a sympathetic atmosphere.


The tone of a song plays a significant role in producing certain pitches with the ability tostick in the minds of the audiences. It is the linear intertwining of tone which will sound like one entity. Melody in the song comes out clearly where the guitar, piano drumbeats and trumpet sound as a single entity. Other music element like texture, tone and meter play an important role in determining the flow of music.