Sample Essay on Making Music Beautiful

The article, ‘Making Music Beautiful’ addresses the complexity associated with musical tones and its ability to make music appealing. The author begins by explaining the issue of seeing the music, by using microphone and oscilloscope for illustration. We can only see the sound ‘pictures’ when passing the appropriate current to have measurable frequency and wavelength of vibration, which then moves the bean to the screen. The quality of the music is controlled by the frequency of the waveform, which brings the tone. In addition, the complexity of tone can be modified by varying the frequencies of the music. The harmonic spectra and the formats of the music are highly related to the intensity, whichis determined by the frequency of the vibration.

The ideas from the article can be used to develop overtones and desirable timbers using deferent in instruments. In the analysis of the music, the idea of periodic oscillation can be used to integrate the frequencies onto appropriate modes, each mode with its own amplitude. For example, the string can be made to vibrate in several ways, according to the length of the string. Just in the same way, the instruments, which use string to relay the vibrations to produce music tones,can be regulated to produce different fundamentals.

The article is relevant in reinforcing the physical experiments; one can design music instruments in the desired way to produce the best music tones. The article relates to my experience in the study field since I agree with many ideas such as the idea of seeing the music.  Experimentally, different instruments can be modified to produce similar or different sound tones and timbers.  This can be done by either varying the current which causes vibration or by modifying the waveform through lowering or increasing the amplitude.