Sample Essay on Live Classical Concert

One of the most pleasurable experiences is attending a concert where live music is being played. This is because you will not only have a live experience but also get the true feeling of sounds and music while at the same time get to meet your best musicians.

I had bought tickets early in the course of the week to attend a symphony concert with my two friends. Though I had attended a classical concert before, there is something about live music that would make you want to attend each and every concert that you hear is taking place in your state or city. This is the reason when I heard about James Hill classical concert that was to take part in California on 21st of April, I decided to attend it.

I arrived at the concert hall 30 minutes before time to get a strategic seat that would enable me to have an amazing experience throughout the concert. The concert began at exactly 7.30 PM with a bang. The instruments such as the guitar, the bass, the violins, and the piano were already placed on the stage to await the musicians who were going to perform that night. The audience graced us with their presence and everyone was happy they could not stop clapping and shouting for almost 10mintutes. My friends were shocked to see most of the performers wearing black cloths. However, this is the dressing style that majority of symphony performers likes to put on while performing. The one thing that impressed me most about this concert or performance was the violins which resonated well with the other sounds. It made the concert appear magical and exciting.

In summary, attending this concert was not only refreshing but also entertaining. I enjoyed every bit of it especially the violin performances. My friends also had a great time and recommended for us to attend more of the live concerts.