Sample Assignment Paper on Question1

I disagree with the author’s argument that it is not easy to devote attention to music you are not sure with. I think music is a simple entertainment instrument to understand. Everyone gets entertained with music no matter how it sounds. It is therefore very easy for one to devote his or her attention to any music no matter whether he or she understands it or not. We do not need to understand the content of the music. More so, one does not need to understand its details or know the type of instruments and the skills used by the artist. It is possible to listen to the music then do research later to understand the content of the music (Hoffer 67).It is worth noting that any form of sound can be music. Therefore, one does not need to devote attention to any music in order to be in a position to listen to it.The issue of devoting attention, therefore,is hinged on the feelings, perception, and emotions of an individual.

Question 2

It is very crucial to divide the western music into thestylistic period for abetter understanding of music and easy cataloging and organization of music structure. I agree with this approach since there is much difference in eras of music. Thus, it is necessary to divide the music into periods for easy identification of the superfluous categories. I think that this is the better approach. Ido not believe in other pedagogical approaches because this methodology is justefficient (Hoffer 56). Using this stylistic approach helps to identify music into its immediate context and identify the exact time. It is also important forbetter understanding of music. Everyone can also identify with the type of music being hearkened depending on theperiod of the music. Therefore, using this approach is better than all the other methods of classifying music.



Work Cited

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