Sample Assignment Paper on Music

Question 1

I agree with the author’s statement that any musician must be sure of the sound of music before devoting attention to the same. The clarity of sound plays an important role in determining enjoyability of the music. Otherwise, sound that does not have the necessary quality makes it difficult for the listener to pay attention other aspects of the music. In most cases, quality of sound depends on the production or process and the output method. For instance, quality of sound depends upon the type of equipment used for production and reproduction. Poor equipment leads to poor sound that makes it difficult for the listener to concentrate on the music. On the same note, the type of the output equipment like loudspeakers or headphones can affect clarity of sound. High quality devices help in the accurate sound output that makes it easy to enjoy the whole music.

Question 2

It is helpful to divide music into stylistic period because it helps place different types into their proper context and timelines. Time and context play rolesby helpingto determine some of the rules, types of instruments and the tuning aspects of the music. It is important to appreciate those cultural aspectsof music changes with time, thus leading to the musical changes as per the time changes. On the same note, it is a fact that music from a certain timeline, such as that of the 20th Centrury, tend to sound the same; therefore, categorizing them would be necessary and helpful. It helps in making general assumptions of certain musical classes.