Sample Admission Essay on Quincy Jones

Quincy Jones Is an American who does music arranging, composing film, conducting a well a trumpeting. 6 of his single and also 6 of his albums have chartered in the top 40 and have managed to win a total of 7 gold awards in the US only. He is among the very few producers that manage to have their records leading in three decades consecutively. He has produced a number of hit single and albums for top singers such a Michael Jackson, James Ingram, Lesley Gore and Ray Charles. Here are a number of his productions.

  1. Beat it-Michael Jackson

This is a single by Michael Jackson which is from his popular album known as thriller. It is hard rock in genre and was recorded in 1982 and released in February the following year (1983). Quincy Jones was its producer although worked with Michael Jackson as the assistant producer who was also the song writer. The instruments used in the song were guitar, bass guitar, drum piano as well as a keyboard. The song consist of 4 verses and a chorus that repeat 6 time after the forth verse. The producer who I Quincy Jones has initially wanted to include a rock and roll song but Michael said he wanted something that both school and college children would enjoy. He did his first recording and after Quincy listening to the vocals he agreed it was what he was looking for.

  1. Thriller-Michael Jackson

Thriller was composed by rod temper ton, recorded by Michael Jackson and produced by Quincy Jones. It happens to be the last song among the 7 released in the album thriller and its performance has a Halloween theme. The song has appeared in a number of albums including number one, the essential, this is it among many others and has a piano as the instrument used.

  1. Billie Jean-Michael Jackson

Billie jean is also a song from the legendary Michael Jackson from his popular album thriller. It was recorded in 1982 and released in 1983 with its writer being Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones the producer. It I a pop R&B song where drum beats are used as the instrument that is 4.54 minutes long.

  1. You Don’t owe me-Lesley Gore

The song’s B-side is ‘run bobby run’ and it label I Mercury. It was recorded in 1969 by its singer Lesley Gore at the age of 17 with it release following later in December the same year. It is a pop R&B whose format is 7” it writer being John Madara and Dave White and Quincy Jones the producer. It involves repetition of some sections and has a bridge that provides a contrasting section within a piece which is also contrasting.

  1. Just once- James Ingram

It is a single that was released in 1981 after being recorded in 1981 the month of August and also an RnB. Its label was A&M with it writer being Barry Manny and Cynthia Weil. James Ingram is featured in the vocals while Quincy Jones is the producer of the song. “just once featured in a film that was known as the lat American virgin in 1982 and was originally composed in the key of C major. It is a karaoke hit.