Sample Movie Review Paper on Reflection of The Truman Show

The Truman show is quite an interesting show .Personally am not a big fan of science
fiction movies but this movie, I enjoyed. This television show models the society, how people
take advantage of others who seem inferior to them and then manipulate them to their own will.
Truman who is the main character in this show is manipulated and used by the creator and the
executive producer of the show Christof. Christof not only does he manipulate Truman but also
he violates most of his human rights. There is even a point in the movie where Truman almost
dies from a man-made lightning storm created by Christof while sailing the sea trying to find a
way out.
Another man’s suffering is being used to entertain people who watch the show, this is not
only jealous but also inhumane. Truman is hurt emotionally when he’s father dies in the sea, his
father’s death also affects him psychologically since due to this incident he develops aquaphobia
which prevents him from travelling. This behavior is mostly seen in people who have great
influence such as politicians and high rank priests, although they indulge in these inhumane acts
they do not seem to feel guilty at any time. Instead the keep on pushing as long as things work to
their advantage.
Christof uses the line “we accept the reality of the world with which we are presented."
This line got me thinking how wrong our perceptions are at times in life. At times we are in
situations where we are taken advantage of and we tend to think to ourselves that it is for the

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best while instead we can rise up and defend ourselves, our dignity, demand the respect we
deserve and not bow to these people who carryout inhumane acts for their own selfish gain.
Apart from using physical force, they tend to alter our way of thinking and make us believe that
their way is the right way and it is the only way.
The film use of angles is nothing out of the ordinary though the movie caught my
attention such that at some point I failed to notice the angles used. Neutral angles have been used
in the biggest part of the film, this has been done to ensure that the audience feels as if he/she is
part of the story. There are instances when different camera angles have been used, an example is
when a camera is placed in Truman’s car radio, these different angles have been used with
security and secret cameras that follow Truman. I also liked how the whole story was set giving
the viewer perspective similar to that of Truman allowing the viewer to make discoveries as
Truman did.
As the movie comes to an end, Truman finds out that his life is a lie. He tries to leave but
Christof convinces him to stay stating that there was no more truth in the real world and in his
world he had nothing to fear. Truman is convinced and his last words on the show is “good
evening, good afternoon, and good night” he then bows and exits (Mercadante,8). This is an
ideal way of ending a film leaving the viewer satisfied unlike other cases where the viewer is left
hanging wondering what would happen next. The Truman show is one well scripted film.

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