Sample Research Paper on the Effectiveness of Stem Cells in Medical Science and Personal Life


The paper discusses what stem cell is and what they do, how the cells are applied by the medical practitioners to understand and use in a treatment of the range of diseases and injuries.  We discuss if the cells a possibly used in future in the treatment of heat-related illnesses. The special features of the stem cells, the application of the embryonic stem cells and the adult cells. The possible uses of stem cells and the limitations which need to overcome for the application realized[i](Ledford 54).

There are several sources of stem cells, that is, embryonic stem cells, adult cells, those cells tailored to possess the properties of stem cells, and perinatal stem cells. Observing the stem cells when it is growing to cells in bones, the nerves, cardiac muscle, and other organs, the medical practitioners understand how diseases occur. The cells are directed into particular cells that can be used to renew and replace damaged cells in the human being. Those advantaged by the stem cells therapies are injuries in the spinal cord, diabetes type 1, heart disease, stroke, cancer, burns, and osteoarthritis patients.

The relocation of the bone marrow is widely used stem cells, the cells achieved from the umbilical cord is also in wide use. The stem cells can be grown in new tissues for use in regenerative medicine and transplant.  The stem cells used in testing for safety and their effectiveness of new drugs.

Research problem (Roseman)

What are the stem cells and where do they originate?  How operative are the stem cells in testing for new drugs and nursing of the diseases?  Is there the ability to create stem cells from the substantial cells by the scientists? What the methods applied in the stimulation of the pluripotent cells.

Research objectives.
  • To find out how the bone marrow transplant used in the remedial treatment of the stem- cells
  • To establish how the new tissues can be grown for use in the renewal of the medicine and the transplant
  • To examine how the stem cells used in the testing of the new drugs and the replacement of the diseased and the damaged tissues.


The method gives more detailed answers for the research findings; it also allows more questioning. The method is used to find out the flow of thoughts and the variety of solutions.

Research hypothesis (.A)

H0: corresponding stem cells treatment do not work for the same disease in any different condition

H1: the same stem cells treatment is applicable to   various conditions and illnesses.


Literature Review

There are several past research on the topic of the stem cells. Among the research includes National Institute of Health U.S. (2009). The possible uses of the stem cells stated that the stem cells used in the degeneration of the brain.  The human brain has neurons that divide to become progenitor cells, the cells move to keep the population of the olfaction, the activation of the neural stem cells stimulate the neuroprotection and the characteristics of the person.

. The study on the brain and spinal cord injuries established that the stem cells are useful in assisting patients with spinal cord injuries by restoring the injured tissue and strengthening the limbs of the spinal cord injury patients. The team of researchers from Scotland conducted the research on the brain by administering the stem cells into the brain of the stroke patient, they find it is functional in the treatment of the disease(Ghosh 56).


Strauer, Bodo (2011). Their research on the effectiveness of stem cells in the processing of heart problems. They proofed that heart failure is not a result of myocardial pathology.  The treatment of the pathology uses autologous cells from the bone marrow. Distinguishing the adult bone marrow into cardiac muscle is possible. The methods of recovery are the production of cardiac muscle cells, the secretion of the growth factors, and the stimulation of the growth of new cells to substitute the damaged tissues. The stem cells used in the reproduction of the cardiac tissues, which restore the lost tissue resulting in the development of heart failure after the injury. The current technique of the treatment is the treatment of the cells to create the cardiac progenitor cells before implanted in the injured area(Bodo 45).

The shifting and the nursing of diabetes. The researchers stated that the embryonic cells could be made into beta cells, if beta cells successfully moved, they will substitute the malfunctioned cells in the diabetic patients (Goldstein 44). The cells can be grown in the cell culture and then injected to produce cells that can be transplanted to the patience(Andrew 76).


The stem cell is the raw materials for the body; they are the cells which other cell are produced.   The bone marrow has been applied for many years to cure patients with the conditions such as leukemia and lymphoma.  The relocated cells produce an immune that responds to kill the cancer cells. However, this process has side effects known as the graft vs. host disease


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