Sample Research Paper on Movie Report

The purpose of this report is to investigate human growth and development based on a documentary film. The movie is a 2007 produced film, called “Inside of The Living Body”. This documentary explains the different stages of growth and development in the human body. These stages start right from the time a single cell divides and becomes a fetus then to a baby, to old age to death. For the purpose of gaining an understanding of the film, it was watched by two of our neighbors, of which one is a clinician and the other a pediatrician.

The film is a rear movie to come by as it explains what is beyond the naked eye of humans(Dosani 39). The film shows how the body cells replicate, start to function, and how cells divide and specialize to perform their functions second by second. Metamorphosis occurs within us each second even after we have fully grown. For instance, the functioning of cells is a multimillion process aided by the coordination of the brain(Dosani 39). The brain coordinates with nerve cells for and interprets the information leading to cell division, growth, or removal of waste matter from the body. All these processes occur from the time of conception to the time of death of a person. Moreover, the film addresses the wonders of aging impact on human life. For instance, it depicts facial bones which replace themselves every two years and these changes result to redefining of human DNA leading to changes in our faces and appearances. In conclusion, what takes place inside the body each second translates to physical changes in the human body.

Work Cited

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