Sample Research Paper on Tesla-Evaluation and Control

In order to maximize the implementation of Tesla marketing plan, there are should be the coherent integration of the different and significant marketing tactics and public relations activities in Japan. Tesla would be required to track the regional marketing efforts and events in order to make appropriate decisions. Considering the increased competition in the Japanese market, promotional programs and campaigns would be relevant in making the marketing plans achievable. The technological innovation would ensure bigger competitors to use technology in the creation of advanced vehicles (Brooks & Thesen, 2007). Tesla Company plans to benefit from the electronic industry due to their cheaper models. They help to understand the nature and success of the different market campaigns in Japan. Apart from the domestic marketing campaigns in Japan, the marketing strategies should also support the success of global marketing that supports a brand growth and identity for Tesla Motors.

Effective control of marketing results and achievement of the different market objectives in Japan was appropriate. This enhanced the overall implementation and achievement of the designed budgets in the Tesla Motors. In addition, it would be recommendable to maintain and update the regional websites in Japan in order to maintain positive marketing results in Japan. Tesla Motors is seeking to a launch new automobile under its constrained budget. The strategy is viable due to the nature of luxury car markets across the world. Tesla is confident of its continued improvement in sustainable development of future cars (Tesla Motors, 2013). It is also important for Tesla Motors to increases its number of stores in Japan. The current number of stores does not support the increasing demand for the cars. Thus, it would be recommendable to collaborate with various dealer networks and shopping malls to expand their capacity.


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