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Sample Research Paper on Social Media Campaigns

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Sample Research Paper on Social Media Campaigns


This paper analyzes a social media campaign that exhibit product advertisement on the use of contraceptives to avoid the spread of diseases in society. It focuses mainly on the use of condoms among the adolescents and adults to enhance safety by incorporating the dragonfly effect approach.   

Analysis Based on Dragonfly Effect Model

The Dragonfly effect is fast and incorporate powerful means that makes use of social media to facilitate changes in society. This model has four models that include focus, grabbing attention, engaging others, and action taking. Social media campaign that advertises on protection products involves various digital platforms, such as Face book and Twitter. Analyzing focus as an as an aspect, the goal of this campaign is to convince individuals to use condoms to protect themselves against STDs, AIDS, and unwanted pregnancies. Focusing on humanistic element, the audience intended to benefit from this campaign are the youths and adults who are sexually active (Aaker & Smith, 2010). The next principle is actionable, where long duration goals are broken down into short term achievements. In this case, the major long term objective of advertising condom products is to eradicate fear by instilling courage in adults and adolescents on the significance of using contraceptives.

To identify whether this goal is testable, groups on social media determine its success. This assists me to identify potential consumers via the number of views, likes, and responses, especially if the feedback is positive, it measures progress of this campaign. Clarity is the next principle that requires clear goals to be successful in this campaign. For instance, to generate motivation, we can start with cheap simple activities, such as forming groups on social media to get followers. Still on the focus wing, it ensures that our goal to hinder spread of diseases and prevent unwanted pregnancies is accomplished and contributes to happiness among audiences (Carey & Elton, 2010).

The Dragonfly effect approach incorporates grabbing attention as the second component that helps to advertise contraceptives products to audiences. Getting the attention is the capability to convince individuals by making them develop interest in the product.  This can be personal, especially via updates that depict benefits of using these products in a simplified manner to create understanding among people. In this social media campaign, unexpected actions follow that convince and create curiosity among people to consume and share details on significance of using contraceptives.  To make it visceral, this campaign brings a sense of sight, taste, hearing, and sound. To facilitate this, design music and educative videos aid in gaining attention through listening and watching information about the products. Use of videos enhances visualization that passes across multiple messages on my perception about contraceptives, hence convince them to use and prevent diseases.

Engaging others is the third element in this approach that creates personal connection with audience to earn their trust on use of condoms. This personal link with other individuals aims at achieving higher emotions, love, happiness, and empathy. In advertising this product on social media, it creates connection that empower adults and youths  to encourage others to use protection without fear by purchasing them freely from shops or acquiring from medical centers. In this case, telling stories motivates a lot of individuals in taking action. For instance, on my social media page, I narrate a relevant story on contraceptive concerning how it saved people from danger of contracting AIDs. An example is as follows; “Dave had a girlfriend she loved so much but the girl Angel had plenty of boyfriends and secret relationships behind him. As a result, she contracted an STD but never informed his boyfriend Dave. The two decided to spend a night together but fortunately, Dave always insisted on using condoms for protection. This saved him from the risk of contracting the disease hence he stayed healthy.” Uploading this short narration on social media contribute in the campaign because it is a lesson that convinces individuals who are sexually active to stay safe.

During the campaign, it is also vital to empathize with audience by creating a two way relationship where I give feedback to their opinions or questions they ask. This enables people to develop compassion towards each other by taking safety measures. This information is authentic to facilitate easy connection with audience and win their trust about use of contraceptive.  To accomplish this, I involve beliefs and values about this product in my campaign. For instance, there is a belief that when ladies carry contraceptives, it portrays them as prostitutes in society. To create understanding among audience, I spread positive messages on social media that ladies aim at protecting themselves in case of rape when they carry protections. To match the media, this communication must be of the right context to motivate individuals involved to take action.

Taking action is the fourth component of dragonfly effect that creates and deploys customers to become team members. This step makes the campaign easy by enabling individuals to join this course of action, especially when people understand its needs and immediate action. For instance, this campaign advertises contraceptives by revealing that its impact is to enable the audience to stay safe in their social lives. It incorporates fun, such as cracking jokes to create a sense of humor that will mobilize more audience to join the group and take action. This campaign tailors people to make them feel special when they are part of this plan. The initiative of mobilizing individuals to use protection is open and makes it easier to empower others with the help of tools that are accessible.

Summary of the Conversation

The following is a summary of conversation that I execute via email as a prospective consumer. This campaign incorporates social media platforms, such as Twitter to aid in tracing its progress. For this campaign to be successful, it undergoes four stages of decision making procedure. Its effectiveness depends on attention, interest, desire, and action. As a prospective consumer, I ensure that I create awareness of the product to reach a mass of audiences through social media (Kotler & Keller, 2009).

The next step is that customers become interested to learn more about these contraceptives and how they can use them for protection. In this case, customers who are interested in the product request details about it, such as price and its benefits. The campaign also has information about the product through my Twitter handle where the first consumers spread the word to convince others. Desire is also a vital aspect in the campaign that measures the effectiveness of advertising and marketing of the product. At this stage, consumers get attracted and become emotionally linked to the product and wish to have it. After the consumers develop the desire towards the product, they take an action of purchasing it. This step engages additional motivators who are both emotional and logical when advertising on social media to boost the product awareness.  




For this campaign to be successful, the following is a list of steps that I put into consideration. First, awareness of the brand through advertising it on social media and this enables the audience to read about the product.  The second step is for consumers to develop interest, this is vital and it implies that they already like the campaign plan. Furthermore, they exhibit their interest by commenting positively on the posts that I update on social media. For instance, if it is on Twitter, I determine the number of followers via the Tweets as feedback, hence it contributes in spreading the message.  This enables potential consumers to know more about the product to enhance emotional satisfaction. After this, the audience evaluates costs and benefits and takes action by visiting shops to purchase them.


This campaign on using contraceptives among youths and adults is effective when accomplished through social media. Its success is evident through creating a page or group on Twitter that advertises on use of condoms and its benefits. In addition, I measured its progress by evaluating on the number of likes, views, and feedback, especially when they are positive. The reason why this campaign must be approved is to keep people safe whenever they engage in sexual activities. Analyzing this campaign on advertising condom products, it is a successful one because it prevents unwanted pregnancies and protects people from contracting sexual related diseases.       




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Sample Research Paper on Social Media Campaigns

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Sample Research Paper on Social Media Campaigns

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