Sample Research Paper on Marketing Mix Case study


In marketing,  there are four aspects of the marketing mix that need to be put into place to get the actual position of the product or services and how the company could benefit from the whole transaction of the product.  The four aspects of the marketing mix that is to be brought forward here are the place, the product, promotion and lastly, the price.  In the event of analysis of these four aspects of the marketing mix, we can understand the profitability of the product or the service and fathom how best it can be positioned in the market. This paper gives an incisive analysis of the four Ps of marketing with a keen concern of how they affect the marketability of the product in question. The company under scrutiny is the Coca-Cola Company, one of the leading beverage companies in the world. The company has different brands of goods that it sells to its clients.  The company is seen to have strong marketing network as well as the strategy.  The current situation here is brought in the stance of making sure that they are up to the game with the current technological trend of the best marketing techniques. And this has made it have a high level of reputation regarding the delivery of its brand. The discussion of the marketing mix is deemed to give the correct position and the branding strategy for the company that has made it outwit its competitors in the market.


The beverage that the firm sells ranges from Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Stoney blackcurrant among others. The company, therefore, sells the tangible product to its large clientele base.  The type of consumer offering that company postulated as its marketing technique is the convenience offering.  In this mode, the company is very keen to make sure that they stock their goods in the supermarkets, the shops, and other retail stores that they think the customer could get them at their convenience.  The high level of satisfaction in acquiring the soft drinks for Coca-Cola Company has made it quite easy to grow a substantially strong brand for the company in such a way that the corporation is deemed to be quite profitable in the long end.  As it stands, the products of the business are in their maturity stage where the profitability of each brand of soda is gaining a steady revenue and highest at this time.

The company has made the various brands of its product remain in the maturity through diverse forms of marketing techniques. The most successful advent of marketing that the firm has managed to employ is the media marketing.  This strategy has made the company to gain a lot of recognition in the market. The appropriate differentiation technique that the firm has brought on board is the concept of the inception of unique sweet taste for the product brands that the enterprise sells.  In fact, the company is viewed by the competitors as the pacesetter concerning the exhibition of a high level of quality for the products in the market. The company has exhibited a high-quality beverage that is sold to the esteemed customers.


Coco Cola Company is currently involved in the non-price competition. The company has embarked on the maintenance of the high quality for the taste of the products that it sells. Additionally, the company is indeed at a high stance of making sure that it has a reputable brand for its products.  In the arena of pricing, the company has employed the cost based pricing.  In this prompt, the company is keen to calculate all the unit cost of every product and add a markup for the same.  This has helped it to maintain its profitability ever since its inception. Additionally, the company has extensively used the professional pricing where it has employed very highly talented professional to help them get the best price to sell their product.  In this prospect, the company has managed to have a high sense of superiority in the inception of its pricing strategy that would help it to maximize their profitability at the same time give the customer the maximum value for their money.


The primary promotional objective of the company is to increase sales in every region across the world.  The company has managed to accomplish this notion by making sure that it has a well-stratified element of advertising strategy.  The company has made it sure that it extensively uses the media publicity and the billboards that are deemed to bring on board the advent of high sales volume at every point in time.  Additionally, the company has managed to analyze the various rules critically in advertising and has realized that the advertisement through the internet is the way to go.  In the current world where technological advancement has a vital role in every society, the advertising through the venues like the social media, the Google adverts among other is very crucial for the company, and this notion has made the company boost its sales over the years.  It should be noted therefore that the firm has used in most cases, the technology-based marketing.  Additionally, the company has used the various sales promotions to publicize its products. It has done this through the utilization of the many promotional tours and road shows that try to create awareness to the unique brand in the countries across the world.  As it stands, the company is indeed having a high sense of promotional brand, and this has made it have a strong competitive brand that makes it be the preferred beverage company among its very competitors.


On the account of the distributional channels, the company has hired the self-managed distributors for which it has the controls the various products in stock in every region.  This notion is strengthened by the fact that the company is at a position to manage the stock out costs that the distributors might be having.  The distribution channels have been put in such a way that the depots have been placed in the major cities and towns of the country. This has helped the company to coordinate well with the retailers who sell these beverages to the final consumer. To ensure that the distribution and the sales of these products are done in the most appropriate way, the company has decided that it gives the retailers the refrigerators in such a way that the final consumer would get the products when they are cold to quench their thirst.  This notion has been strengthened by the fact that the company is indeed with the main aim of meeting the needs of the customer and building a sustainable relationship with the same.

In a nutshell, according to the four Ps of the marketing mix, the company has managed to position its product in the most appropriate way possible. The notion of putting the customer’s needs at the center of all these has made the company to have a reputable brand that has made it quite substantially profitable than its main competitors like Pepsi.