Sample Report Paper on Marketing in Turkey

Marketing in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most populous countries that lie in the border of European and Asian continents. It has a big population estimated to be about 74 million whereby majority are youth. This population is expected to go even higher with the current growth of 3600 births a day. Demographic statistics show virtually a 1:1 ratio between male and female whereby the age bracket of 16-65 has 67.5% of the population. The literacy level in this country is not alarming since almost everyone with the age of 15 and above can read and write.

Turkey has seen a high rate of urbanization over the recent years especially the new capital Ankara and the former, Istanbul. Statistics indicate that almost 70% of the population live in urban areas whereby the rate of urbanization is about 1.8% annually. Turkey is, however, an Islamic nation whereby about 99% of the population are Islamic leaving the small portion of 1% to Protestants and Catholics among other religions.

Bloom company products can easily penetrate Turkish market given the underlying enabling characteristics the country has. The highly urbanized community mainly characterized of the youth could be the best target here for big sales. Youthful populations are expected to have a high demand for cosmetic products hence boosting the desire to invest in this country. Turkish Ottoman culture especially use of baths may enhance usage of Bloom products, as well. In addition, Turkey is a constitutional republic hence it ought to provide an enabling environment for businesses that want to invest in the country. After all, Bloom company products stand a high chance of success in the market given the modern age where most people are into creating a good image through good grooming and use of beauty products to enhance their beauty.