Sample Paper on Target Organization List

List of Target Organizations

Company Website Mission
Nokia   Connecting people
Samsung Inspire the World, Create the Future
Apple No official mission statement
BlackBerry No official mission statement
Intel  Deliver the platform and technology advancements, to enhance the way of work and life.
Alcatel To provide our customers with a superior, quality telephony system and support service, which enables them to manage their communications and relationships with their stakeholders efficiently, effectively and profitably. To achieve this we will invest in our staff training, technical support mechanisms, whilst facilitating lasting relationships with our suppliers and clients


Tecno Experience More
HTC This is life. Connect with it
LG Life’s Good
Huawei Touch. Made Powerful









Contact name: Oh-Hyun Kwon (CEO)

Samsung provides services in advertising, construction, entertainment, financial services, hospitality, information and communications technology, and healthcare services.

Location: Headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.


Phone Number: + 1 800-726-7864

I am interested in the position of a marketing officer at Samsung.

How to apply: Send application via email

About Samsung:

  • From its mission statement, it can be learned that Samsung is focused on inspiring the word, as well as having a better future.
  • Samsung is an international organization with subsidiaries across the world
  • The company aims at developing talents, through its sponsorships to community events.

As marketing officer at Samsung, I would continuously be in contact with the members of the global community.



Company name: Apple Inc.

Contact name: Tim Cook (CEO)

Apple Inc provides entertainment, and information and communications technology services.

Location: Headquarters in California, USA.


Phone number: +1 800-692-7753

I am interested in the position of Sales Officer at Apple Inc.

How to apply: Send applications via the sales department’s email address.

About the company:
  • Apple Inc is one of the most profitable telecommunications company worldwide.
  • The company is expected to open numerous subsidiaries worldwide to enhance its sales.
  • The company sponsors sports events.

The position of sales officer at Apple would enable me enhance my skills in sales and marketing.



Company name: Nokia

Contact name: Rajeev Suri (CEO)

Nokia provides information and communications technology services.

Location: Headquarters in Espoo, Uusimaa, Finland.


Phone number: +1 888-665-4228

I am interested in the position of Marketing Officer at Nokia.

How to apply: Send application via the marketing department’s email address.

About Nokia:
  • The company’s mission is to connect people worldwide.
  • Nokia entered into a pact with Microsoft in 2012, and this was one of its growth strategies.
  • The company employs over 61, 656 people across 120 countries.

With subsidiaries in over 120 countries, the position of marketing officer will help enhance my intercultural communication skills.