Sample Paper on Outline: Chapter 4# (Haroon)


  • Individuals always think of themselves as open-minded, though they develop resistance towards responding to a new idea.
  • Our life could be different from how they are currently, provided that individuals would not only be permitted but encouraged.
  • Most of the resistance usually originates from internal stakeholders.
  • Sellers can always get in positions to interview their clients and make their buyers understand the mindset despite dispiriting nature of resistance.
Persuading Stakeholders That You Need Buying Insights
  • Individuals find themselves focusing on the result instead of the concept, especially when they encounter resistance towards building buyer personas.
  • None of those outside marketing desires to hear about a new marketing approach.
  • Individuals need to think about their internal persona.
  • By gathering goals, one should suggest how a goal of particular importance can be realized.
  • In normal circumstances, the first buyer persona should address an initiative that is critical.
  • Criticality will help in assigning internal resources or the budget you need to conduct the buyer interviews.


Overcome the “We Know Our Buyers” Objection
  • Organizations tend to begin with the most desirable picture of their respective clients.
  • Entrepreneurs are driven to establish a company whenever personal experiences reveal a need that is not being met.
  • Other founding executives always to understand the urge towards interviewing buyers.
Whenever You Don’t Have Time for Buyer Persona Interview
  • Most stakeholders fight to satisfy short-term needs.
  • They tend to perceive engagement in marketing research as an unnecessary diversion of valuable time and resources.
Use of Sales Database to Find Buyers to Interview
  • Most sellers ideally want to establish alliances with sales as they prepare to interview their respective buyers.
  • Organizations need to have a database for recording the personal information of the interviewee.
  • Bosses should not make a direct communication with their sale representatives, but instead the head of marketing should come in and initiate.
  • The boss initiative needs to be entirely new and unexpected thereby becoming naturally protective of their relationships with customers and prospects.
Avoiding Your Internal Database
  • At times, sales database would provide accurate names and contact information for the buyers who influence the outcome of the intended deals.
  • It is most evident in situations where your sales management would be receptive to your marketing executive’s request.
  • The situation demands the marketing boss to know exactly when the decision had been finalized so that he/she can contact those buyers to apply for an interview.
Using Professional Recruiters to Set Interview Appointments
  • A quick search on the Internet for “qualitative research recruiters” will turn up thousands of agencies that specialize in finding the people you want to interview.
  • For some fee, recruiting companies will work with organizations’ specifications to locate buyers much like the intended and set up appointments for interviews.
  • The recruitment services are always attractive options, due to their effectiveness.
Buyer to Interview
  • Multiple people always get involved in the outcome, therefore, the need to decide which of them to take through the interview.
  • The preferred way to make this choice is to think about which of the buyers is “doing the work” to evaluate the various options.

This should be followed by a recommendation to the others who are involved in the decision. The chosen individual will have the most insight into the solutions that were evaluated and why one ultimately prevailed over all others.

Interview Buyers Who Chose You and Those Who Did Not
  • Buyers always logically fall into the following four categories:
  • People who considered you and chose you (your customers)
  • People who found you but wanted a competitor
  • People who felt you but decided to keep things as they were, to maintain the status quo
  • All the buyers need to be interviewed respective of their initial choice.
  • Focusing too much on buyers, the marketer will miss many of the Buying Insights that he/she needs.
Contacting Buyers to Request an Interview
  • Reaching out and making contact with potential interviewees, should be undertaken with a preliminary list of contacts.
  • Marketing directors need to work with buyers who have made their buying decision within the last three to six months.
  • This will ensure that the customer recalls vividly many aspects of the decision-making process and can impart as much detail as possible for your research.