Sample Paper on Marketing Implementation


Structural Issues

The Hand and Stone massage employees will be involved in the active execution of the marketing plan. This will ensure that the employees invest more time and commitment in the achievement of set goals and objectives. As such, the plans stipulated in the marketing plan will be communicated to the Hand and Stone employees, and each of them given an opportunity to contribute. The marketing team will also determine how the marketing plan will fit within the set goals and intentions (mission) of the Hand and Stone Company.

Similarly, the marketing team will ascertain whether the Hand and Stone employees have the expertise and aptitude necessary in the implementation of the marketing plan. This will be determined after the employees at the Hand and Stone Company are given an opportunity to develop their marketing expertise through appropriate mentorship by the management team. The Hand and Stone employees will also contemplate recruiting a new brand of marketing team depending on the above discussed structural issues.

Describe the overall approach to implementing the marketing strategy

In implementing the marketing plan, the Hand and Stone Company will first keep sight of their unique selling proposition that set them apart in the competition for the market niche. Various adjustments will be made where necessary, in a bid to gain a competitive market advantage. Correspondingly, the Hand and Stone Company should develop a comprehensive contingency plan to cushion any challenge that will arise during the implementation processes. The Hand and Stone Company will also start seeking other expert advice from other marketing firms who are more experienced.

Describe any changes to the firm’s structure needed to implement the marketing strategy

Depending on the discussed structural issues, the Hand and Stone employees will be trained and motivated towards the successful implementation of the marketing plan. This will help to cushion any potential resistance to change among the employees at the Hand and Stone Company. For instance, the introduction of chair massages at the convention center will involve a lot of structural issues. Depending on the crop of clients it serves and the location, the prices will definitely be different. Correspondingly, the massage parlor is obliged to promote their services and products to enable them attract a larger customer base. Per se, the employees must therefore step up their marketing and promotion skills to help familiarize the customers with the services provided by the firm. The

  1. Tactical Marketing Activities (be very specific—this lays out the details of the
Marketing strategy and how it will be executed)


Specific Tactical Activities Person/Department






Product Activities

1. exceptional Hot Stone technique



Sale Department    
Pricing Activities

1. massage

2. facial

3. promotional offers

Sales Department $ 49.95 One hour
Distribution/Supply Chain Activities

1. attract probable clients

2. tactical location of the massage services

3. targeting fatigued passengers waiting for the train

Sales department    
IMC (Promotion) Activities

1. raising awareness on location

2. creating the craving among clients for the massage services

3. eliminating any potential obstacle in the purchase decision

Public relation department $ 4, 000 Per month