Sample Paper on Marketing Coursework

The consideration of corporate social responsibility as undermining the foundations of free society is misconceived. This is based on the assumption that any CSR that corporate officials may decide to engage in has to beneficial to the stakeholders of the business venture. The conclusion that this assertion is misguided is because CSR contributes to any corporate organization’s market reach through interaction with stakeholders and potential stakeholders. Being a good corporate citizen helps marketers to achieve their marketing objectives by initiating a shift towards the stakeholder-centric approach to organizational growth. This shift initiate has improved communications with the stakeholders. This enhances an understanding of the customer needs thus enabling the organization to align its deliverables to these needs. This helps to increase both customer and employee loyalty and subsequently enables the organization to achieve its marketing objectives.

  1. When any firm decides to engage in cross-boundary business, the greatest external force that affects its operation is the culture of the target market. For instance, the Canadian company desiring to sell real Balsam fir Christmas trees to Dubai must be able to understand the culture of Dubai. The assumption is that the trees are to be sold during the Christmas season. Apart from the culture, other factors that may also influence the company’s operation include socio-economic factors such as the values and attitudes of the target market towards the particular product or its application. It is assumed that Dubai, being a metropolitan area, has a diversity of cultures hence is not restricted in terms of religious celebrations. This implies that the values and attitudes of the potential customers towards the product in sale are more likely to be positive. Moreover, the government legislation, ethical and political environments also influence the company’s potential for success.
  2. The Boys’ shop is intended to be a clothing and accessories business dealing in the sale of boys clothing items as well as other accessories such as belts, shoes, and caps. The long-term marketing goal of the business is to access at least 80 percent of the total market share in terms of boys’ clothing and accessories in the coming 5 years. The short term goals of the business include: To access at least 10 percent of the market share in terms of boys’ clothing and accessories in the next year by effective promotion strategies; To expand the number of stores associated with the business to at least 4 in different locations in the next two years; To develop an effective marketing strategy that can help to reach more than 80 percent of our customers via electronic media within the next 1 year. The third objective will help the business to acquire many new customers hence expanding the customer base. On the other hand, the second and first objectives will help to increase the business’ market share through entry into new markets and creation of public awareness of the business respectively.
  3. In carrying out a market analysis for the restaurant business, in Halifax, SWOT and PESTEL analyses will be carried out to find the market characteristics associated with this business in the proposed location. The SWOT analysis will enable the restaurants to understand its internal characteristics such as strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, it will enable the restaurant to understand the opportunities it has for growth as well as the threats to its growth. The restaurant will therefore be able to apply its strengths in taking advantage of the opportunities and in eliminating the threats while also working towards eliminating its weaknesses. On the other hand, the PESTEL analysis will enable to understand the external factors that influence the business operation and thus be aware of what to expect in the market.
  4. In marketing a single laptop computer to an individual buyer, Staples can use promotional strategies, which include highlighting the potential operations that an individual can use the computer. For instance, it may be necessary for the company to describe the features of the single laptop and describe how these features alight to conventional uses of the laptop by individuals. On the other hand, marketing a large number of computers to a business organization requires the company to concentrate on the roles, which are associated with the laptop computers in the corporate world. With respect to this, the company may need to mention the laptops features and the capabilities in terms of networking, and information sharing and how these features and capabilities are favorable towards the achievement of company goals. Marketing to an individual thus requires concentration on the product features while marketing to a corporation depends on the computer features, additional capabilities and the company.
  5. While services may be intangible, their outcomes are in most cases tangible/ visible. Consequently, in order to market services, business owners may employ the use of the outcomes as evidence of service effectiveness. Promotion of services therefore requires t hat business owners exhibit the outcomes for their works. For instance, in the hair dressing business, it may be necessary for the owners to take pictures of the resultant work on the customers’ hair and use this as a marketing tool. Promotional strategies for services may involve enhanced service, the use of social media in combination with the previously collected evidence such as hair picture. Customer incentives such as additional services may also help in-service promotion.
  6. Service quality as a factor for evaluation of marketing success influences the ability of a business to satisfy customer expectations. I believe that quality service encompasses the aspects of timeliness, responsiveness, confidence, accuracy, and reliability. One of the instances in which I received high quality services was when I visited a restaurant around the institution. The restaurant employees were very responsive towards my enquiries, answering questions with confidence and a show of being knowledgeable. Moreover, my order was delivered accurately and in a timely manner. On the other hand, when I visited a health care facility in the past, I experienced what I can describe as a poor quality service. I had to wait for close to 30 minutes before being seen in the out -patient department. Afterwards, the personnel were not capable of answering any questions I asked accurately and did not show a willingness to assist.
  7. The belief that online stores can help in the reduction of costs incurred by retailers and the increase of their revenue is viable for various reasons. First, by engaging in an online store business, retailers can be able to access a greater market share since more potential customers can be made aware of the retailers’ products hence there is the potential of revenue increment. Secondly, online stores provide an opportunity for retailers to grow their businesses both organically and ideologically based on suggestions from consumers. It also creates an opportunity for the business operators to understand customer demands and thus align their product deliveries to the customer needs. This helps to increase revenue since customers get what they need and may even be willing to pay more. In cutting costs, online stores help companies to reduce distribution costs since products are only transported to where there is need and market potential. Advertisement costs also become lower when retailers use online stores.
  8. Best buy can use its business as a marketing forum for its online store to prevent people from Show Rooming at their premises. This is based on the assumption that the act of showrooming is triggered by the lack of awareness of Best Buy’s online store. Moreover, since the competitors selling the same products online do so at a cheaper price, this implies that Best Buy can also align its prices to the online market prices. By engaging customers on the online platform more, the company would reduce the costs associated with distribution and storage hence lowering the product prices may be possible.
  9. The stakeholders of the Canadian Cancer Society include the donors, the stockholders, clients, and the employees. In marketing the society, the promotional messages have to be differed for the different stakeholders. First, the message received by the donors should have the implication that the clients receive assistance from the society without pay hence the need for donations. The stockholders run the society and thus should receive the message that the society is actually achieving its objectives. The clients need to know that the organization offers support for them without an intention of making profits while the employees need to be aware that their contribution to the society enables it to achieve its objectives.