Sample Marketing Essay Paper on Targeting Strategy for the Robotic Lawn Mower

The proliferation of technology has forced companies to develop products that improve
the lives of customers and enable them to undertake day-to-day chores comfortably and
efficiently. The continued use of domestic robots for different household applications such as
gutter, personal aid, and floor cleaning represents a favourable background for introducing a
robotic lawn mower to the market. Specifically, the robotic lawn mower is a motor-propelled
lawn mower that cuts grass with little or no physical handling. It is also more efficient compared
to a manual lawn mower. Due to the features of this product, the likely customers will be
individuals with limited physical capacities. It will also be useful for higher income households,
governmental and educational institutions, sports clubs, and companies in the lawn mowing
service industry.
The first market segment for the robotic lawn mower is high-income households.
Advanced revolutionary technology has been used to develop the robotic lawn mower. Besides,
extensive research and capital have been directed towards its manufacture. Therefore, the
purchase and maintenance prices will be high, and it will most likely be affordable to individuals
with high disposable incomes. It will also be valuable to people who stay in homes with lawns or
to caretakers who manage expansive household territories. Instead of paying big landscaping
companies to clean their compounds and cut the long grass, some homeowners will view the
robotic lawn mower as an investment that would help them save some money. Since our
company is targeting high-end customers with increased discretionary income, the main
objective should be to position the product based on its top-notch technology as well as
exceptional quality. While individuals with no discretionary incomes to spend on luxury items

may be comfortable with the physical low-cost lawn mowers, our target market will appreciate
the efficiency that comes with the new product.
The second target market for the robotic lawn mower comprises companies in the lawn
service industry. This product will enable them to automate most of their day-to-day tasks. The
first feature of this target market requires corporations to have increased service volumes with
future expansion strategies. The robotic lawn mower will be also targeted at companies that
intend to lower their wage and labour costs, by reducing the number of employees. Ideally, this
market is attractive because the product will enable the large lawn care corporations to reduce
their labour costs, as they will require less manual labourers, which translates into reduced wages
and salaries. This target market will appreciate the fact that their service volumes and revenues
will increase significantly if they purchase our products.
Private and government institutions, such as universities and sports clubs, would also
make up an important market segment for this product. The main characteristic of this market is
that stakeholders of these institutions need to care about the aesthetic appearances of the
territory. Most institutions have large territories covered by lawns that require constant
maintenance. Therefore, this product will make the work of these institutions easier and save
them huge amounts of money that they use to hire manual lawn mowing services. Specifically,
this product targets universities and institutions that have sprawling grassy yards and lawns. This
target market is attractive because there are numerous educational and government institutions in
the United States.
Furthermore, the product will also be targeted at sports and golf clubs. Most of these
clubs have teams and clients that require frequent practice on properly manicured fields.

Therefore, this market segment is attractive because it has an immense potential for the robotic
lawn mower.
Finally, the product will also target the elderly as well as people with disabilities. This
target market is attractive because this category of people is limited in their opportunities to use
the manual lawn mowers to manicure their backyard lawns while the elderly have weak joints
and bones and they find it challenging to mow their lawns. Furthermore, since staying outdoors
for long hours can be exhilarating for senior citizens, having the robotic lawn mower would be
an appealing proposition for this target market. Instead of hiring lawn services, purchasing this
product would eliminate the recurrent expenses, as they would pay once to obtain the robotic
lawn mower. Even though it comes with a steeper price, the advantages make it superior to other
lawn mowing products available in the market.
There is no doubt that the robotic lawn mower is a revolutionary product that will appeal
to diverse customers. Some of the potential market segments include people with disabilities,
universities and government institutions, high-income households, businesses in the lawn
mowing service industry, and established sports clubs and golf courses. These segments are
attractive because the product addresses their peculiar needs. Often, the main difference between
the failure and success of a product is the marketing strategies of the business. An entrepreneur
or business should create a product that adds value to the target customers, which is why I have
evaluated my targeting strategy for the robotic lawn mower and evaluated the characteristics of
my potential marketing segments.