Sample Essay on Publix Corporation

Publix Corporation is affected by trends in the market characterized by competitiveness, economic factors, technological development, demographical and cultural changes, and societal development. The company is a service render, and competitive environment has forced Publix to adopt measures such as online marketing to offer services to customers. Multinational companies such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, and Target compete for the same market for goods. Technological advancement in the market has led to the use of cloud technology by Publix to reduce the cost of operation between its branches. Furthermore, the United States has experienced reduction in birth rates, hence the company focuses on rendering services to the youth and working class. Another thing that has affected the service industry by a great deal is societal and cultural changes. The youth have adopted a culture that is denoted by the purchase of highly priced items. These items include music systems, clothing, and electronics. Stocking of complementary goods have increased in the supermarket due to increased demand (Todd et al., 2012).

Its target customers include the youth, women, and schools. In order to segment the market, the organization has engaged in an intensive marketing endeavor that groups customers into different segments. These segments are categorized by the type of goods that clients purchase constantly from the organization. The working class and youth are grouped according to their shopping behavior for the expensive items and jewelries. Young mothers and women are catered for by the production and supply of household goods and services. Lastly, Publix has a number of bakeries that sell breads and wheat product to schools. This increase has been attributed to shift in population growth. In addition, Publix being an employee-owned corporation offers goods to its distinguished owners. They also form part of the customer base in the market (MCB University Press, 2013).


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