Sample Essay on Media Objectives

Jawbone Company has all varieties of customers who consider its products useful. However, the youths and the elderly are the target customers because they value innovation and the great technology that is portrayed in our products. The most appropriate means for advertising promotion programs includes local television networks, social sites and billboards. Currently, the company has good public relations that has seen it earn different awards and recognition. In this kind of level, a good platform for advertisement and promotion is required to increase the companies influence in the market. Therefore, this includes creating blogs and like page in Facebook as a way of targeting the youths who are majority users of these social sites.

Tactical Recommendations

The best tactics that will be employed to meet the targeted population include use of social sites, magazines and television networks to advertise promotions and new products. Best social sites that will be considered are Facebook and Twitter, where interactive platforms will be created to increase popularity of the available products and innovations. Two magazines will be considered as advertisement platforms, these include Natural Health Magazine and Times Magazine. NBC (National Broadcasting Company) and CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) will be used to air advertisements and promotions of the company.

Media Mix and Rationale

Aspects that are considered in getting the best media to advertise include the cost and effectiveness of the media. There are different rate that are offered by different television networks in United States of America depending on the audience that certain programs influence in the general population. Therefore, to reach a great number of people, we will consider two Television channels: NBC and CBS. In CBS, the advertisement will be aired in the Survivor Challenge program that commands great numbers of audience estimated to be approximately 12.9 million. In the NBC the advertisement will be hired along Parenthood program which attracts large family audience estimated to be approximately 12.2 million. Natural Health Magazine is appropriate to capture audience who consider health a priority, while Times magazine will be used to capture the general population. It is expected that through this venues the popularity of the new product will increase by almost 30%.


A significant campaign through promotions and advertisement is expected to last for a period of 5 months. Within this period, it will be possible to gauge how much popularity the products have gained by considering the number of customers who will be attracted by those campaigns.

There various expenses that are expected which includes, research costs, advertisement costs, agency compensation, and production costs. There will be three main billboards in different location among the busy cities in USA. The cost per one billboard is $1000 per month and therefore three billboards for 5 months will amount to $15000. The cost expected in advertising in two television networks for five month is $18000. While advertising through the social media and magazine will cost $2000. General expenses for conducting a research on the suitability of the media are $5000. Therefore a total of $40,000 will be sufficient to conduct thorough promotional exercise for a period of 5 month. This campaign is expected to increase the number of customers by 30% at the end of five months peri